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Mercedes-Benz is a German automotive manufacturer of luxury cars and SUVs with roots going back all the way to 1883. The partnership of Mercedes and Benz is credited with creating the first self-propelled automobile using an internal combustion engine. You know when you pick up a Mercedes, you’re getting quality and class!

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Very smooth handling

Alex Cardinal, 05/13/2021


Bought my Mercedes as a used car. The airmatic suspension makes me feel like I am driving in the clouds, especially when driving on remote highways. I feel like I am taking my cars more seriously especially as a female who has no interest in them. I have learnt a lot and I know that I will drive this car till the battery dies! Freaking love my Mercedes!

Read review for how wonderful this is

Janeen Wilkinson, 05/08/2021


My husband and I looked at several car brands but we didn’t quite find “the one.” We were looking for the perfect car for over 5 months when we came across the Mercedes-Benz! It was worth waiting for because it has been 4 years and an absolute pleasure driving it around. Last year we gifted a used Mercedes to our son as he was moving away for university and needed a car. Instead of giving him a beater, we wanted him to have a car that wouldn’t fail him at inopportune times. I just wanted to write this review because the car has been great, zero issues, very comfortable, and hope that it is helpful to someone out there.

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