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HeyAuto, Vivid Theory’s newest product, is the fastest growing auto marketplace in Canada.

HeyAuto is building a trusted car buying experience that puts the control back into the car shopper’s hands. By listing thousands of vehicles from thousands of dealers, HeyAuto helps car buyers find the best deal on a vehicle that matches their needs, and does it with technology never seen before in the auto industry.


What’s so newsworthy? The technology and the transparency, to start. HeyAuto has revolutionized the car buying experience with its dynamic vehicle snapshot card, where shoppers can see everything they need to know about a vehicle and contact the dealer in a single click. Every single element of the process has been grounded in the newest and most innovative technology, from AI integration to utilizing machine learning to sort dynamic auto-populating filters and more.

Unlike other auto listing services, HeyAuto builds trust by only listing vehicles from verified dealers and showing users all available options based on a range of filters, instead of filtering what they see. The platform also guarantees no banner ads: a seemingly rare promise that challenges the norm of scrolling through cluttered advertisements. HeyAuto is more than just an easy way to browse vehicles. It is a platform to empower car buyers by providing all of the support they need to make informed decisions.

Simple. Trusted. Car buying.


cities across canada


of new & used cars


certified dealers


HeyAuto’s success is rooted in the right mix of talented individuals.
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Brent Lane

CEO & Innovator

Brent Lane’s entire life has been rooted in hard work and innovation. After studying business and entrepreneurship with a double major in marketing and accounting, Brent began applying his knack for problem solving to start and sell successful businesses across multiple different fields. Brent’s versatility speaks to how skilled he is at managing cohesive relationships between different departments and viewing strategies from every angle. His rich experience as an entrepreneur and seemingly effortless method of bringing concepts to life is what makes him an outstanding leader and innovator. Currently, Brent’s guidance is contributing to the ongoing success of Vivid Theory and its newest product, HeyAuto.

Brett Jones

CBDO & Energizer

Before joining Vivid Theory in its early stages, Brett made his name in the music industry. Touted as one of the top studio drummers in Western Canada, he shared the stage with some of the biggest musical acts on the planet before proving himself as a jack of all trades. From growing a successful crystal bar soap company to managing civil construction contracts to becoming the general manager of a Large Auto group, generations of experience all led to this moment: Brett contributing to Vivid Theory’s success as a true leader in the product development space and the growth of HeyAuto.

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Simple. Trusted. Car Buying
Calgary, AB
Brent Lane & Brett Jones
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HeyAuto History

HeyAuto successfully completes Vivid Theory’s Rapid Feasibility Model test and is labeled a winning concept. Gears start turning behind the scenes to launch: the brand is created, logistics are discussed and the platform is built.