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Kia Rio

Kia Rio

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is offered as either a sedan or as a hatchback. These economical vehicles offer tons of modern features and technology to thrill drivers and passengers. Similar in size to the Nissan Versa, the Toyota Yaris, and the Chevy Spark, the Rio has found a niche in the subcompact segment. The ride quality of the Kia Rio is unlike subcompact cars of the olden days. There is nothing "cheap" feeling about the Kia Rio but the price of this vehicle screams value.

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Most Helpful Review

Love this car. Would buy again

Megan Fehr, 03/26/2021

2016 Kia Rio

I LOVE my 2016 Kia Rio. Interior is super comfortable and I have customized it to my own style over the years. Gas mileage isn’t good, but for winter driving and the safety I don’t mind it at all. Overall no complaints on this.

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