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Believe it or not, this luxury British automotive manufacturer actually started off making motorcycle sidecars under the brand name Swallow Sidecar Company. It then created its first full car under the name S. S. Cars, until it was renamed Jaguar in 1945 and never looked back. Jaguar now produces seven stunning models of SUVs, car, and electric vehicles.

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Great car but not always built for tall people

Harry Gaudreau, 04/23/2021


Exterior, interior, performance, and value for money - 10/10. My only issue is that I am 6’6” tall and it can feel a little cramp, personally, which is too bad, because I love my current vehicle. That being said, I won’t be trading this puppy any time soon. It has all the features that make it stand out as a luxury car. I’ve not had any issues with my vehicle till date, and it still runs as smooth as the first day I bought it.

Trim options make this a beauty

Tess Durocher, 04/19/2021


Every time I sit in my Jaguar, I am always filled with a sense of pride and luxury. I have an older Sports model but it still looks so sleek and I love how comfortable it feels. The leather interiors and wood trims are what really make this bad boy pop. 10/10 to Jaguar for being so timeless!

Superior car in terms of looks and comfort and performance

James Beland, 03/31/2021


There is a reason Jaguar is well known for its style and performance…that’s because it is 100% true! My wife was opposed to a luxury car because she wanted something for utility, but I (somehow) convinced her on our current model which is the F-Pace, and I have successfully won her over! Now we are on the hunt for our next car, and guess what it’s going to be! If this is the only win I get in my marriage, I’ll take it and can die in peace!

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