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Honda is a Japanese automotive manufacturer that produces accessibly priced vehicles for car buyers. Honda delivers high value across its entire line of cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. Founded in 1946, it is an established player in not only the automotive industry, but also motorcycles, ATVs, power equipment, and marine vessels.

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Honda lover at heart

James Yeung, 04/04/2021


Honda offers an undeniable value to its riders. While it is not among the fastest cars around, it certainly demands respect on the roads. Superior handling, ample cargo space, and great on performance, I have been a loyal Honda owner for 18 years, and I know I continue to make the right choice!

Takes me everywhere..

Asher Dunlop, 04/03/2021


There will be no replacing my Honda ever. This car has seen me through a lot and I am honestly surprised at its performance. I live in Edmonton and my family lives in Kelowna, so I drive to see them at least once a month. That’s a minimum of 12 times a year for the last 6 years. Plus I go on plenty of road trips with friends, grocery store runs, I’ve take my car to the mountains for skiing, the lake for camping, hauled wood in there and so much more! I have a lot of confidence in my Honda and can’t ever see myself driving anything else.

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