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Acura is a division of the Japanese automaker, Honda, specializing in luxury, high-performance vehicles. It was launched in Canada and the United States in 1986, becoming the first Japanese-owned luxury vehicle brand. Over the years, Acura has become synonymous with not only luxury and performance, but also quality and refinement. It now produces six models of vehicles with several trim options for each.

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First Acura and never going back

Hannah Mata, 05/17/2021


Last year I bought my first Acura and my experience so far has been very positive. It feels like a luxury vehicle without their price tag, and can already tell that this is a reliable car. I enjoy the small features my previous cars didn’t have, like the sunroof, remote operated keys to lock/unlock not only my doors but also the trunk. Living in the suburbs, my commute to work isn’t too long, but so far it has been good on gas mileage - good enough that I don’t cringe when refuelling at the gas station. I wish it had better bluetooth features, heated and cooling seats but those are minor issues I can live without.

Great value for price

Sarah Holden, 05/16/2021


Anyone looking for value in their vehicle need not look further than the Acura brand. What I appreciate the most is how it has innovated itself over the years and continues to get better with fuel economy. I find my Acura (MDX) is easy to maintain and driving is always a relaxing experience. The comfort mode is glorious, but the sport mode is a beast! Can’t imagine getting any other vehicle.

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