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Compare Honda Models: Civic, Accord, and Insight

Compare Honda Civic, Honda Accord, and Honda Insight and find the right car for you. Buy new or used cars with, Canada's top automotive marketplace

Emily MacKinnon

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Compare Honda Models

A brand well-known for its impeccable vehicles, Honda has carved its name to be synonymous with safety and quality. Incepted in 1948, the Japanese manufacturer grew in popularity for producing vehicles equipped with great style, comfort, and efficiency. For these very reasons, their fleet of cars have become a top choice among car buyers, with many looking to popular models like Honda Civic and Honda Accord.

If you are in the market for a brand new car - or used car - consider these Honda models as your next ride. Below you will find out exactly what makes them a standout choice among many drivers.

Honda Civic

Known to be one of Honda’s best-sellers, Honda Civic challenges the idea of what small cars are. Spacious and refined, the iconic car is known for its reliability and longevity ever since its inception. The versatile model is a perfect daily commute car available in sedan, coupe, and hatchback body styles.

Civics prioritizes safety, and as such, host a list of features to prove that: forward-collision warninglane-keeping assist, automatic high-beams, emergency braking, and a lot more. It has found the perfect balance between practicality, driver comfort, and responsiveness. What more could one want?

Many drivers like the larger cargo space and better fuel economy available in this model compared to Accord. Additionally, Civics offers a wide variety of engine options with a better price tag and value for money.

Honda Accord

Another one of Honda’s best-sellers, the Accord is a midsize vehicle that is available as a sedan or coupe. Many drivers praise the model for the agility and great mileage it gets on the road. It is equipped with impressive features such as dual-zone automatic climate control and driver-assistance features like the head-up display.

The Accord’s cabin is more spacious than a Civic and offers more legroom. Completed with leather in its higher trim levels, driving the Accord feels like driving a high-end vehicle thanks to its excellent finishing. And for anyone looking for performance in an Accord, look no further than their V6 models with the coupe offering a sporty manual transmission.

According to several car experts, Honda Accord and Honda Civic have both tied in terms of reliability. However, the deciding factor that let Accord speed ahead, was its past track record. In fact, the Accord drove home with the Critics Rating, by scoring a mere 0.1 rating more than Civic!

Honda Insight

Unlike the other two models, Honda Insight is for any driver looking to go green. A hybrid vehicle, it is known for its impressive fuel economy that comes with an incredibly affordable price tag. Insight is equipped with remarkable safety features such as adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and upgraded blind-spot monitoring systems.

Anyone sitting inside the cabin will instantly notice how its interior has found a comfortable middle ground between a basic and high-end vehicle. Its interior is roomy and is instantly noticeable with its centre console that has ample space to hold personal items and seats that fold down to double up on cargo space.

Acceleration on Insight is comparable to a conventional car of its size and other hybrids. Many experts and drivers believe it is similar to a Honda Civic sedan, with the major difference being a gasoline engine and electric motors that Insights are equipped with. Albeit the model has been known to get noisy when accelerating to high speeds, the price tag and fuel economy make this a worthy investment.

Regardless of which Honda model you choose for your next ride, all their models offer excellent fuel economy, reliability, and are of high quality. What’s better is that they all make for an overall fun ride - and that’s something you can’t go wrong with!

Have you owned a Honda? Comment below and share your experience with us, or leave a model review so others looking at that model are better informed!

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