HeyAuto Offers Car Owners a New Way to Sell Cars Privately

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HeyAuto, the easiest and fastest way to shop for used cars with confidence and get the best deals, has launched MyOffers, an online auction platform where car owners can sell their vehicles exclusively to dealerships near them. MyOffers by HeyAuto is the newest and most efficient way for car owners to sell their vehicles without compromising personal security or wasting time, allowing them to take complete control over the process.


"Selling a car can be a hassle; not only do people stress over finding the right buyer, but they also worry about their safety," said Brett Jones, HeyAuto's Chief Business Development Officer. "MyOffers is the solution that private car owners have been waiting for, allowing them to receive multiple offers from reputable dealerships in their area. Ultimately, car owners can sell their vehicles for top dollar in a simple, fast and safe way. No more sketchy back alley garage meetups, lowball offers, hagglers, or tire kickers wasting your time."

How it Works

  • Convenient, Simple and Fast: From the convenience of their home, users can add vehicles to MyOffers in just a few steps, request offers from nearby dealerships and wait to see all offers before deciding to sell.
  • Private Chat: Users can use the two-way chat to speak with dealerships while remaining anonymous, safeguarding both parties against spamming and other unwanted solicitation attempts down the road. This means no more meeting strangers, no more coordinating multiple viewings, and no more answering back-and-forth questions from multiple people.
  • Multiple Offers: Based on the seller's location, HeyAuto requests offers from top-rated dealers on the platform. Multiple dealers will place bids on vehicles, giving the seller the option to choose the best fit.

MyOffers Features for Dealers

  • Access to untapped private sellers' inventory: With supply chain issues impacting every industry, MyOffers introduces a new source of inventory for dealerships.
  • New customers: MyOffers exposes dealers to a new demographic of potential customers that are more likely to be in the market for a new vehicle.

My Offers Features for Users

  • Valuation Tool: MyOffers features an internal tool where users obtain a quick valuation of their vehicle.
  • VIN Lookup: Users can use the database to look up their VIN if they don't have direct access to it.
  • Dealership Lookup: Users can enter their postal code and be automatically geo-located and present a map of the dealerships in their area.

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About HeyAuto

HeyAuto Inc., powered by Vivid Theory Ltd., was founded in 2019 by Brent Lane and Brett Jones, having been inspired by their shared belief that the car buying experience can be drastically improved and modernized. The vision was to create a digital car ownership ecosystem that allows efficient and meaningful interaction between car consumers and automobile dealerships. The two-way SaaS platform was fully developed by Vivid Theory, an exciting technology design and development studio based in Calgary, Alberta, that repeatedly takes ideas from concept to commercialization.

The HeyAuto platform offers car buyers and automobile dealerships a more thoughtful and engaging car purchase and digital retailing experience. More than just an automotive marketplace, HeyAuto is rich with multiple features, including Glovebox, that serves both the car consumer and the automotive dealership.

For consumers, HeyAuto enables a "Full-Service Cycle" car ownership experience that deeply enhances the entire consumer journey. All of the tools available in Glovebox enable dealership engagement with their consumers' experience. For dealerships, HeyAuto can elevate trust and retention, increase loyalty and brand advocacy, provide innovative ways to gain new customers, and ultimately, transform their overall engagement with the consumer.

HeyAuto has grown from a place for consumers to connect with dealers, to a place where dealers can interact with consumers on a more personalized and connected level.