Calgary tech entrepreneurs launch auto marketplace on home turf

For Immediate Release

CALGARY, June 23, 2021 - Local entrepreneurs Brent Lane, Brett Jones, and Andrew Moss set out to reimagine the multi-billion dollar automotive marketplace - and are succeeding.

Incepted in 2019, HeyAuto is an Ad-free, premium, online consumer platform which provides creative solutions to modernize the costly, inefficient, and legacy experiences of existing automotive marketplaces.

The platform leverages AI and machine learning technology, along with a combination of intuitively integrated tools, to curate a seamless user experience for car buyers, and an efficient selling process for dealerships online.

This entire user experience is tirelessly crafted by the skilled team that built the entire code base in-house - right in Calgary. Tapping on local, young, and diverse individuals, the trio of founders have nurtured up-and-coming budding talents by providing an avenue to train, develop and showcase their hard-earned skills.

The result is a clutter and Ad-free online platform that is revolutionizing the online car buying experience. Moreover, the choice of complete in-house development of the coding stack has lent to the development of innovation and tech talent on home ground, leading to an impressive stage for local talent to flourish. This also adds weight to the transformation of Calgary into an innovative technology hub as HeyAuto chooses to train local talent for global solutions.

The future of Calgary’s tech is here and HeyAuto is leading the charge.