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HeyAuto is proud to represent dealers across Canada. There are currently over 2100+ dealerships on the platform and are growing every single day! Check out all of the dealerships currently on HeyAuto. 

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Become a top-rated dealer by increasing star rating via google reviews. 

Focused advertising efforts on the modern car buyer to get more traffic on dealer listings. HeyAuto is optimized for mobile, where the new-age car buyer lives. 

Secondly, HeyAuto places dealer inventory across the platform to maximize listing views. Listings appear in the dynamic search as a shareable vehicle snapshot card and are clickable to show the vehicle description page. Dealers also receive a designated dealer page showcasing all inventory.

Lastly, Google, Vimeo, Youtube, and mainstream social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are avenues HeyAuto participates in to promote dealer inventory

Note: Ads are randomly and automatically generated by AI based on demographics. 

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 If a dealership does not have inventory on HeyAuto just yet, a nudge is sent by an interested buyer to the dealership, inviting them to join the platform.  


HeyAuto is Canada’s fastest growing car marketplace. Using leading-edge technology, easily find the best deals on new and used cars, trucks, SUV’s, sedans, and more. Shop with confidence and connect with car dealerships in your area. Simple. Trusted. Car Buying.

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