Top destinations in Alberta

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There is more to Alberta than the rocky mountains!

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Best things to do in Alberta

When you search “best things to do in Alberta”, you’re immediately served with photos of shimmering blue lakes, towering mountain peaks, and lines of canoes. But given that Alberta is a whopping 661,848 km² (that’s bigger than the entire country of France), there has to be more to offer than just the Rockies, right? Follow along for the top 5 places to visit in Alberta that aren’t the Rocky Mountains!


Lethbridge is often overlooked as a destination to visit, but its charming downtown and picturesque river valley well worth the trip. We suggest visiting during one of the city events or heading out to the High Level Bridge for some truly unique sightseeing.

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Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat has a rustic downtown vibe that is brought to life by rows of brick heritage buildings. The centre is dotted with local shops and delightful restaurants, perfect for a family day out. A short trip out of the city grants access to gorgeous Cypress Hills for a nature escape.

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Medicine Hat


Drumheller is one of the most extraordinary places in Alberta. Forget towering mountain peaks, its extra-terrestrial landscape will blow your mind. There are countless walking trails in the area and even some heritage coal mine sites that are begging to be explored. Weather not quite right to be outside? Head the famous Royal Tyrrell Museum!

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Edmonton is largely regarded as the arts capital of Alberta. Areas like Strathcona and the Downtown are bustling with with life and often have events that are definitely worth checking out. If you haven’t been to Rogers Place yet, you should be adding it to your shortlist! Head to Elk Island National Park if you feel like getting out of the city for a breath of fresh air.

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Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, offering a bit of something for everyone. The historic neighbourhood of Inglewood has neat little shops and cafés to wander around, and 17th Ave has every kind of food you could imagine! The Calgary riverwalk is recently developed and often full of people enjoying the sunshine.

You don’t need to go to the mountains to have a great time in Alberta. There’s an eclectic mix of activities including arts & culture, dining, shopping and more! A perk of living in Alberta: even the big cities have amazing nature, so you never have to compromise for one or the other.

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