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Top 5 - Smart Vehicle Accessories to Gift

New innovative car accessories are coming out all the time! Are you up to date on some of the latest techs to gift this year for the car lover in your life?

1. Backup Camera/DASHCAM


What is it? A backup camera gives you peace of mind while backing up your car by giving you a clear view behind it via an LCD screen or rearview mirror with the camera installed somewhere in your trunk. There are many options to choose from! There are even wireless options where the installation is practically effortless (but this will likely mean buying or replacing batteries more often). A dashcam, otherwise known as a car black box or driving recorder, is basically what it sounds like: a camera that records what's happening in front (sometimes back) of your car while you're driving to capture any accidents or encounters with law enforcement.

Why get one? With these cameras, you know exactly what's behind you and can avoid any unfortunate accidents like hitting other cars, people, animals, etc. Again, it helps provide visual proof of any incidents that may occur while driving

How much should I expect to pay for one? These cameras come in various shapes and sizes, so naturally, there will be different prices. Expect to pay around $70 for a small (non-wireless) camera, and you can even find them as low as $30!

Dash Camera

2. Heads-up display HUD


What is it? Smart HUD car display gives information typically on your dashboard onto the windshield so that you don't have to look down as much when driving. These devices will help bring information closer to the drive to help you eliminate other distractions.

Why get one? It will allow everything to be displayed in front of you rather than taking eyes off-road.

How much should I expect to pay for one? You can find these between $50 and around about $300. Be sure to look at reviews of a product before buying, as people may have important feedback.

Heads up display

3. Smart Plugin Lights


What are they? Bright smart lights or intelligent LED lights are simply lights you can control via an app on your phone! These work by plugging into the car's power outlet and having a USB cord that you can connect your phone with via Bluetooth, allowing you to turn them on/off from miles away!

Why get them? Gives a unique aesthetic to your vehicle, these lights will sync up to your music and dance along with you!

How much should I expect to pay? These vary in price depending on what you're looking for. There are various lights, some with only one colour, others that change the brightness/colour to match your music! You can find these anywhere from $10-$50.

Vehicle smart lights

4. Car Voice Assistants


What is it? A car smart assistant gives you control over certain functions of your phone through your car's speakers! Some popular assistants are Apple's Siri and Bixby or Google's Assistant. Some vehicles come with this feature included, so check if yours do first!

Why get them? Gives you easy access to smartphone features while driving

How much should I expect to pay for them? These can range anywhere from free if your car already has it to around an extra $200 for a new smartphone and installation. This can be a great time to upgrade your car!

Car plugin Voice smart assistant

5. Smart Mirrors


What are they? A smart mirror is simply an additional screen for your car that provides navigation, camera views, or shows notifications. These mirror dash cams work by connecting to your phone via Bluetooth and downloading information, allowing you to see it in the mirror instead of having to look at another device or hold up your phone.

Why get them?

  • By installing a smart mirror over your rearview mirror allows you to be able to add an additional screen that can show navigation, camera views and notifications without having to install a screen in your centre console if you don't have one already. Add additional features to your vehicle to help eliminate distracted driving.


How much should I expect to pay for one? These vary in price depending on what you want for features in the mirror. Some only have GPS, so you can make ones as low as $30, whereas others may include cameras with them, web browsing and music streaming, so it can be $300+. Be sure to check prices for all the extra things you want your mirror screen to do.

Smart car Mirror with all its settings open on the screen


Something to consider!


Looking at buying a Smart Car Accessory? Make sure it's right for the vehicle it will be going into by checking the connection ports and vehicle accessibility to be able to set up some of these products by reading the reviews.