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Top 5 most reliable cars under $5,000

Looking for an affordable vehicle that will last?

According to industry experts, these are the top 5 best cars you can find for under $5,000:

1.) Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry just doesn’t quit. The midsize sedan has proven it's reliable: in July 2010, 90% of all Toyota Camrys sold since 1995 were still driving. They boast lots of room and come in both four-cylinder and V6 engines. If reliability is a priority for you, this car is a great pick.

2.) Ford Focus

If finding a newer model is of more importance, the Ford Focus may be the car for you. Newer models have a very affordable price point, and since it is a common vehicle on the road, parts for it are found easily and cheaply.

3.) Honda Civic

As one of the most popular vehicles being sold, (Honda just sold it’s two-millionth Civic), it isn’t hard to see why the Honda Civic made the list. Known for reliability and a sleek appearance, they also come in many options: coupe, sedan, or even hybrid. Their popularity also makes them easy to find for under $5,000.

4.) Subaru Outback

While the Outback may come with a few more miles on it, it’s a bestseller due to its reliability, ability to conquer winter roads, and extra cargo space. If you are keen on adventure, this vehicle has all-road capacities and will be the perfect choice for you.

5.) Ford Escape

As Ford’s first SUV, Escape sold like hotcakes when they were released in 2000. This makes them very easy to find for under $5,000 now. The Ford Escape has a high-reliability rating, spacious interior and engaging performance.

Whether a newer or older model, these cars are sure to be found for under $5,000. 

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