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The Best Winter Road Trips in Alberta

Chase Keating

Chief Marketing Officer

Short of heading to the airport, it can feel next to impossible to get away from the cold of Canadian winters. All hope is not lost, but you’ll still probably have to get bundled up and pack the necessary winter gear before making the great escape. Follow along for some of the best winter escapes from Calgary!

Canadian Winters

Banff Upper Hot Springs

Heading to the Banff Upper Hot Springs is one of the best ways to spend a winter day. Not only do you get to embrace the 40º water with a view of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but you can also explore the town of Banff while you’re at it.

Head to the Southern end of Banff Ave and up Mountain Ave on Sulphur Mountain, sit back, and relax.


Kananaskis Nordic Spa


The Kananaskis Nordic Spa is a hidden gem among snowy pine trees and mountain peaks. It brings a whole new meaning to #treatyoself, with fantastic food, massages, social events, saunas, and hot tubs!

Kananaskis Nordic Spa


Miette Hot Springs


The Miette Hot Springs are in the iconic Jasper National Park and are the perfect destination for an après ski or hike soak. The water flows naturally out of the mountains at 50º and is cooled to a comfortable 40º for maximum relaxation.


Radium Hot Springs


There’s something magical about the Radium Hot Springs. Considered by many to be a mandatory pit stop while driving through the Kootenays, it's the perfect place to unwind and break up your drive. Enjoy the fresh, steaming waters as snow falls overhead and coats the surrounding cliff faces.


Fairmont Hot Springs


The Fairmont Hot Springs are another road trip classic for many families looking to split up their drive, or even just to enjoy after a day in the mountains! These hot springs are quite large, meaning you get a bit of extra elbow room compared to other springs.

They aren’t exactly palm trees and piña coladas, but they’re a welcome escape from the freezer that Canadian live in for half the year. Chances are you’ll be driving by one of these awesome spots sometime this winter if you plan on heading west—you won’t regret taking the time to escape the cold, you deserve it! Looking for a car to get you there? Check out thousands of vehicles on HeyAuto!