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The 5 best mountain day trips from Calgary

From creeks to peaks, they've got it all!

Ha Ling Peak


Drive Time: 1h

Difficulty: Challenging

Length: 7.2 km

Ha Ling Peak is among the most popular hikes near Calgary. It’s a short drive and manageable length, but get ready for a steep climb! Almost right from the get-go you’ll be into loose, rocky terrain. Bring lots of water and some good snacks to enjoy at the top. The views over Canmore and down the Bow Valley are breathtaking!



Lake Agnes Tea House


Drive Time: 2h

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 7.6 km

The trail to Lake Agnes is heavily trafficked, making it a fairly accessible hike. After grinding up some switchbacks, you’ll come to Mirror Lake, a tiny body of water with amazing reflections. Be sure to have a little snack and take in the views! Next stop: Lake Agnes and the Tea House. After a few more switchbacks you’ll come to the nature oasis nestled between Mount St. Piran and the Big Bee Hive. Grab a cup of tea and a bowl of soup from the Tea House, give your legs a rest, and take in the views of Lake Agnes.

Bonus: If you’re feeling like you have some gas left in the tank, we suggest heading to the top of the Big Bee Hive. Follow around the back of Lake Agnes and be prepared for steep switchbacks. We promise the views of Lake Louise down below are worth the extra sweat!




Lady MacDonald


Drive Time: 1h

Difficulty: Hard

Length: 8.7km

Lady MacDonald is a great hike for anyone who’s after a challenge. It’s quite steep and there isn’t much shade from trees, you’ll need lots of water! You might hate us during the climb, but we’re confident that all will be forgiven once you reach the top and get to take in the majestic views.





Grotto Canyon Trail


Drive Time: 1h

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 7.1 km

Grotto Canyon is perfect for all skill levels and gets bonus points for being super cool too. You’ll love walking with towering rock walls on either side of you. There’s even a waterfall to enjoy!




Heart Creek Trail


Drive Time: 1h

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 4.7 km

Heart Creek fills up quickly on the weekends, and for good reason too. This trail follows Heart Creek as is meanders between the rocks. It’s a fairly easy trail, with wooden bridges for all the creek crossings and an easily discernible route. Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll get to have your lunch with the soothing sounds of a waterfall pouring out of the mountain overhead.

There you have it, the best of the best. Need a new ride to get you into the mountains? Head to Hey Auto and check out our awesome selection of cars!