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Vehicle bodies: all you need to know

Do you know all of the different vehicle bodies?

Emily MacKinnon

Executive Assistant

Vehicle Body Types

Different vehicle body types have their own strengths and weaknesses, knowing what you are after will drastically speed up your car buying journey! Read up on each body type to figure out what is best for your needs:


You can think of a sedan as having three distinct sections: the engine, the passengers, and the trunk. They have four doors and a traditional-style trunk. Sedans come in a range of sizes, from smaller cars like Kia Rio to larger models like the Dodge Charger.

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A coupe is a two-door car with a trunk like a sedan, as well as a solid roof. This includes cars like the legendary Ford Mustang, which have similar trunk space to a sedan but substantially less room for passengers.

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Hatchbacks are generally smaller cars with squared-off roofs and a hinging tailgate to gain access to the cargo area. The Volkswagen Golf is among the most popular hatchbacks. You won’t have a ton of room for cargo in a hatchback, but they’re great cars for inner-city drivers that often find themselves in tight spaces.

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Station Wagon

A station wagon has two sections: one for the engine and one for passengers and cargo. The tailgate is generally hinged at thee top, similar to a hatchback, but the the roofline goes all the way to the end of the car, making more room for cargo. They are called station wagons because they were originally used to transfer people from country estates to the nearest train station. The Subaru Outback is a great example of a quality station wagon.

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Convertibles are all about fun, and in Canada, making the most of the fleeting hot weather. If you the roof comes off, at the push of a button or manually, it’s a convertible! Not the most practical for winter, but you’re sure to have a good time if you get yours hands on one of these!

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Sport-Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUVs are built on the same chassis as trucks, meaning that the body is attached to the frame, rather than it all being a single piece of material. SUVs are larger, offer varying degrees of off-road capabilities, and sit higher. The Toyota 4Runner and Ford Expedition are mid and full-size SUVs.

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A crossover is a very similar to compact or sub-compact SUV, but has a unibody construction similar to a sedan, where the body is a single piece of material. Crossovers are generally lighter-duty than SUVs, but offer a nice compromise of size, space, and capability. Check out the Honda CR-V for a fan favourite!

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Minivans are a family favourite, perfect for loading up kids and their friends, while having enough space for all too. They’re low to the ground, making them easy to load into and can comfortably seat passengers in a third row. The Chrysler Pacifica is a great option for anyone after a minivan.

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Trucks are the go-to if you’re routinely hauling cargo or things you’d rather not load into the body of your vehicle. They offer the convenience of throwing whatever you need to haul in the back and carrying on with your day, but generally lack passenger comforts in the backseat. Trucks can be smaller like the GMC Canyon or larger like a RAM.


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