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Questions to ask dealerships when you call

What questions should you be asking car dealerships before buying your next car?

Emily MacKinnon

Executive Assistant

When calling a dealership directly from HeyAuto, what questions should you be asking before making the big decision?


1. Could this car get me tax credits?

While some electric and plug-in hybrids can earn you thousands of dollars in certain tax credits and Federal/Provincial rebates, you can also earn federal tax credits. It might be worth asking if this car qualifies.

2. Where has the vehicle come from?

Whether a direct trade-in to the dealership or buying at auction, knowing is important! Has the vehicle been in any accidents? Has the car had all of its pre-certification inspections done? Has the vehicle had any mechanical issues within the last few years?

3. How long can I test drive it for?

In order for you to know it’s a great fit, taking it on a lengthy drive can help identify and familiarize you with faults, features, driveability and more. Ask how long the dealership will allow you to test drive it for, as some offer extended test drives with agreements!

4. What financing options are available, and what is the cash value?

Whether looking to finance or buy outright, it’s important to know all of your options. Even though the financing options may be tempting, some dealerships may offer even better deals for paying cash.

When it comes to financing options, HeyAuto’s finance calculator in the vehicle snapshot card of each vehicle can help you plan potential payments.

5. What incentives are offered?

As incentives often are not advertised, it’s worth it to ask about what current incentives the dealerships offer, how long they are available and if they can be combined.

6. I review the full purchase agreement?

Before agreeing to the full amount, ask to review the breakdown of fees for any accessories or services included that you do not need.

7. Has the original paint been changed?

If the body paint on a vehicle has been changed from the original, it may mean the car could have been in a car accident. If the paint has been changed, be sure to ask the origin of the difference.

8. Can I see the maintenance history?

Checking how well the car has been taken care of is important. How often has it had regular maintenance, including oil changes, wheel alignments, tire changes, and more? These factors can make a huge difference in the lifetime of a vehicle.

9. What warranty is available?

What does the dealership cover, and for how long? While some cover damages, others have a wider selection of coverage depending on financing options.

10. Are Trade-Ins accepted?

If you have a car you are looking to trade-in, what are the dealership's policies around this?

It never hurts to ask!

Give trusted dealerships a call right from the vehicle snapshot card to learn more about your favourite vehicles. Shop today.