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Prepping Your Car For Winter

Everything to have for when the snow hits

Well, it’s that time of year again!

Leaves are falling, PSLs are being brewed, and the winter clothes are getting moved out of storage. As we sit in suspense, waiting for that first snowflake to fall, it’s a good time to start thinking about getting your car ready for winter. Here’s HeyAuto’s list of everything you should have with you this winter:

Winter tires

We’ve already covered this in a prior blog post, but you should be considering how harsh your winter is and choosing appropriate tires. Living in Canada, chances are you’re going to need a set of all-weather (not all-season) or winter tires.

Prepping Your Car For Winter 0

Snow brush

You know what’s even better than coffee to wake you up in the morning? Brushing snow off your frozen windshield . Throw one of these multi-tools into your backseat for all your snow-brushing and ice-scraping needs.

Prepping Your Car For Winter 1


A snow shovel is a great thing to have in your winter kit. We hope you never to use it, but sometimes those snow snakes come out of nowhere and we find ourselves spinning tires in a foot of powder. Pro tip: look for small, collapsible shovels to save on space.

Prepping Your Car For Winter 2

Washer fluid

We all know those winter roads can get slushy and messy, so it’s a great call to keep an extra bottle or two of washer fluid with you. You don’t want to be stuck trying to peer through a mud-caked windshield!

Prepping Your Car For Winter 3

Extra clothes and a blanket

It’s always a good idea to keep some warm winter clothes stowed away in your car just incase. They’ll be nice to have if it happens to be a bit chillier out than you thought, and you’ll be happy to have them if you find yourself having to use that shovel you have packed.
Prepping Your Car For Winter 4

Road flares, a reflective safety vest, and a flashlight

Not only is it snowy and cold in the winter, it also gets dark earlier. It’s good practice to keep some high-visibility equipment with you incase you need to be seen!

Prepping Your Car For Winter 5

Non-perishable food

Having some snacks tucked away is common practice for everyone, right? If not, make a point of packing away some granola bars and the like incase you get stuck in a pinch.

And there you have it, you’re ready for winter!

Prepping Your Car For Winter 6

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