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Getting your car through the winter

Winters can be hard on your car. Find out how to make it through the winter in good shape!

You know the feeling:

Sharp winds jab your cheeks, eyelashes freezing together when you blink, and toes that belong in an ice cube tray. It isn’t fun, now, imagine how your car feels? Canadian winters are tough on cars, but there are a few tricks you can do to ease the strain. HeyAuto spoke to the expert @connorsdetail about what drivers can do to take care of their beloved vehicles as temperatures plummet and salt hits the roads. Follow along for Connor’s top recommendations:

1. Be Proactive

It’s easier to start from a clean slate. Connor suggests giving your vehicle a deep clean in the fall to make winter cleaning that much easier. For the exterior, wheel cleaner, degreaser, and car soap with water will leave your ride looking squeaky clean. It’s best to start by vacuuming your interior and then using an interior cleaner designed for the material in your car (leather cleaner + conditioner, vinyl cleaner, etc.). Use carpet cleaner spray to scrub out any stains and you’re good to go!

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2. Take advantage of the warmer days


Those warmer days aren’t just a nice break from the cold, they’re also primetime to head to the car wash. Your vehicle is destined to get dirty again shortly after, but removing the caked on salt and grime will help to keep the body in good shape.

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3. Dry your car


According to Connor, it’s imperative that you dry your car after washing it in the winter. This helps to avoid door jams and the freezing of handles, locks or windows. The only thing worse than sitting in your car and waiting for it to warm up in -20 is being stuck outside of it!

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4. Make it part of your routine


Connor suggests routinely cleaning the interior of your vehicle to avoid the build up of salt stains. Do a quick once-over of your carpets routinely to keep the salt at bay and avoid a much more labour intensive clean in the spring.

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5. Prevention


Stop any damage before it's done by keeping rubber floor mats in your vehicle at all times. Make sure your floor mats are the right size and shape for your car for the best coverage, and be sure to clean out the built up dirt and residue regularly.

Have any detailing tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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