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Vehicle Accessories That Everyone Should Have

Make your car as safe and comfortable as possible!

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The average Canadian spends 380 hours per year in their vehicle? That is the equivalent of 991 episodes of Friends—let that sink in. If you’re going to spend THAT much time in your car, you should be making sure that it’s as safe and comfortable as possible. Follow along for a list of the vehicle accessories that everyone should have!



Car safety kit


An emergency kit is something you should always have and hope to never use, but you’ll be very happy that it's there if you find yourself in an unfavourable situation. There’s plenty on the market that are very affordable, so be sure to pick one up and stow it in your trunk for your peace of mind!



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First aid kit


Another must-have that falls into the “better safe than sorry” category is a first aid kit. Once again, they are very accessible in stores and online, so you should absolutely have one (and know how to use it). Put it right next to your safety kit so you know exactly where everything is.


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CloudScent Pure Diffuser


On a lighter note—if you’re going to be spending that much time in your car, it should definitely smell great. The CloudScent Pure Diffuser is an amazing choice because it doesn’t require any water, runs on a battery, and fits right in your cupholder!



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Audio Transmitter + Charger (radio or bluetooth)


If you have an older car, you’ll love being able to connect your phone to Bluetooth and play your very own road trip playlist. Most new cars will come with bluetooth connection nowadays, however, you’ll also benefit from an extra USB outlet to charge your gadgets while you drive!

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Car Vacuum


Clean up those crumby post-road trip seats and keep your ride looking fresh. Simply plug the vacuum into the lighter port and make short work of the mess.



Car Backseat Organizer


I think I can speak for everyone and say that finding things in a messy console sucks. Never fumble around for a pen or lip balm again, just pick up a backseat organizer and all of your belongings will be neatly stowed away.



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Inflatable Car Bed


This is for all the adventurers out there! Inflatable car beds fit nicely into the back seat for some well earned RnR. Perfect for those looking to cut back on hotel expenses or take a nap break during a long drive.

There you have it! Load these into your car and you’ll have the safest, most comfortable ride out there. Remember, with all the time we spend in our vehicles, we should make sure they suit every single one of our needs.

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