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Top 7 Website Providers for Car Dealerships in 2024

A staggering 85% of car buyers begin their journey online, emphasizing the need for a compelling, user-friendly website in today’s automotive market. In this landscape, choosing the right website provider, like Dealer Marketplace by HeyAuto, is crucial – it’s about partnering with a platform that truly gets the automotive industry and stands out among the rest.

Amie-Lynn Mitchell

Product Marketing Manager

A dealership's online presence is a critical determinant of its success.

A recent study revealed that over 85% of potential car buyers start their journey online, highlighting the immense impact of a strong digital footprint in today's automotive market. This underscores the importance of a well-crafted, engaging, and easily navigable website in capturing and retaining customer interest. The choice of website provider is more than a technical decision; it's about finding a partner who understands the automotive industry's nuances. While various providers offer enticing features, Dealer Marketplace by HeyAuto stands out as the premier choice. This blog compares Dealer Marketplace with leading competitors.

Dealer Marketplace's Unmatched Features Dealer Marketplace transcends traditional website offerings with its comprehensive list of features:

  • Customized Online Presence: Dealer Marketplace offers extensive website customization, allowing you to create a distinct online identity with custom branding, including logos, colours, typography, and a variety of templates.
  • Innovative Lead Generation: Our unique shopping link system not only captures high-quality leads but also keeps them engaged in your sales funnel, providing end-to-end tracking from initial interest to final sale.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: In-depth analytics, tracking page views, lead count, and visitor metrics by device, giving you a complete overview of your dealership's online performance.
  • Lead Tracking: Lead tracking system efficiently monitors and manages your leads, offering real-time insights to optimize your sales process.
  • Team Tracking: Detailed performance monitoring for your sales team, enabling you to identify top performers, reward accordingly, and see who's driving the most business.
  • Superior SEO Optimization: Employs advanced strategies, especially in backlink generation and optimization, to significantly enhance your website's search engine rankings and online visibility.
  • User-Friendly Management: Simplified content management systems, designed for easy adaptation at every level.
  • Exclusive OEM Compatibility: Perfect alignment with manufacturers' technology programs, providing quick and efficient inventory syndication.
  • Training/Onboarding: Dealer Marketplace provides thorough training and onboarding for all users, ensuring a smooth and effective adoption of its comprehensive dealership tools.
  • Custom Pages: User-friendly custom pages that enable shoppers to browse by vehicle category, streamlining the shopping experience and catering to specific customer preferences, all customizable by the dealership.
  • Custom Vehicle Cards on SRP: Showcasing versatile pricing, multi-image carousels, and tailored calls to action for an interactive experience.
  • Multi-Dealer Auto Groups: Shared inventory system capabilities featuring customizable rules, enhancing the efficiency of lead distribution.
  • Sales Rep Pages: Personalized profiles for each sales representative, showcasing their expertise and inventory, fostering direct customer connections.

A Look at Alternative Providers

  • Motive:

    • Customizable home page with videos and banners.
    • Quick tags & collections for inventory grouping.
    • AI-powered search & discovery features.
    • Limitations: Lacks Dealer Marketplace’s comprehensive SEO and advanced lead generation tools.

    • Seamless integration with Cox Automotive Products.
    • Customizable design options.
    • Comprehensive analytics for performance tracking.
    • Limitations: Falls short in the granular website customization and innovative lead strategies offered by Dealer Marketplace.
  • Dealer Inspire:

    • User experience focus with personalization features.
    • Robust CMS for website management.
    • Integration with products.
    • Limitations: Not as strong in SEO and detailed analytics as Dealer Marketplace.
  • Jazel:

    • Custom design options tailored to branding preferences.
    • Limitations: Does not match Dealer Marketplace’s level of SEO optimization and lead generation capabilities.
  • Dealer E Process:

    • Customizable templates and design features.
    • On-site analytics for user interaction insights.
    • Competitive pricing.
    • Limitations: Lacks the advanced referral systems and user-friendly management of Dealer Marketplace.
  • DealerFire:

    • Integration with DealerSocket products for streamlined processes.
    • Excellence in SEO for organic ranking.
    • Limitations: Misses out on the comprehensive, customizable retail solutions of Dealer Marketplace.
  • DealerOn:

    • Innovative approach with the latest trends and technologies.
    • Fast and well-designed websites.
    • Effective management of incentives and rebates.
    • Limitations: Does not offer the same level of inventory management and lead tracking as Dealer Marketplace.

    • Offers a range of features for dealership websites.
    • Limitations: Doesn't provide an expansive suite of features, especially in customization, lead generation, and user experience, as seen in Dealer Marketplace.


Dealer Marketplace distinguishes itself as the optimal choice for automotive dealerships looking to enhance their digital footprint. Its array of features - from advanced SEO to innovative lead generation and comprehensive customization. Unlike its competitors, Dealer Marketplace addresses the evolving needs of modern dealerships with an understanding of the automotive industry's unique challenges and opportunities. Choosing Dealer Marketplace means opting for a platform that not only represents your dealership accurately but also propels it to new heights of digital success. It's about making a statement in the digital space, attracting high-quality leads, and providing an unmatched user experience.

In a marketplace crowded with options, Dealer Marketplace shines as the beacon for dealerships striving for digital excellence. Its commitment to innovation, combined with an understanding of dealership dynamics, makes it the go-to choice for those who seek not just a website, but a comprehensive digital solution.

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Disclaimer - This analysis is an informative comparison, aimed at providing insights into the unique offerings of Dealer Marketplace. We encourage a thorough evaluation of each platform to understand how it aligns with your specific business goals. The website providers referenced are trademarks owned by their respective companies; their inclusion in this content is for informational purposes and should not be construed as an endorsement.