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The New Classic

Porsche is coming out with some big, small changes.

The New 911


The new 911 turbo will pretty much look the same on the outside, but what’s underneath is going to be praised. Porsche has told us that the coupe will sprint to 60 MPH in 2.6 seconds! That blistering speed and the extra 60 horsepower is great and all, but the Porsche 911 Turbos have always been on the top of the speed charts. Where Porsche really came out swinging is the interior.

This might be the most perfect interior I have ever seen, it's modern, sporty, and minimalistic. The biggest complaint I have about Porsche is the options menu. As pretty and perfect as everything is, NONE of it is ever included. WHY ARE THE CUSTOM ENAMEL KEYS THAT MATCH THE LIME GREEN COLOR OF MY CAR NOT INCLUDED (but seriously… a rear wiper is $500… even Acura will throw that in)?