The Family Friendly Muscle Car

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Jeep has our back in a big way with the Grand Cherokee Hellcat Trackhawk.

Emily MacKinnon

, Executive Assistant in
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The Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat Trackhawk

A lot of speedy SUVs have been coming out lately but it hurts to think about paying a $4000 a month lease on a Lamborghini Urus. Luckily Jeep has our back in a big way with the Grand Cherokee Hellcat Trackhawk.

This might look like a chunky suburban SUV built for coaching the local soccer team but that couldn't be further from the truth. The Trackhawk has 707 HP sitting under its hood and will eat your neighbour's Porsche Boxter for breakfast. Usually something this heavy should take 10 seconds to get up to 60 but that isn't the case here, in 3.5 seconds you will be breaking that barrier. With the power, the Hellcat engine puts to the ground you are able to do a four-wheel burnout (in theory only, don’t try it at a downtown traffic light).

The Family Friendly Muscle Car 1
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Emily MacKinnon
, Executive Assistant
Originally from Nova Scotia, Emily has spent the last 9 years in sales and customer service. A jack of all trades. She hopes to be able to help educate and get people excited about their next car purchases through her expression in these blogs.

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