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The all New 2022 GMC Sierra Lineup

GMC just announced the 2022 GMC Sierra lineup. They call it ‘the most luxurious and most advanced pickup in its class” and for a good reason!!

GMC just announced the 2022 GMC Sierra. They call it ‘the most luxurious and most advanced pickup in its class” and for a good reason. With the release of the 2022 Sierra, GMC hopes to regain the top spot for the most luxurious pickup with several interior upgrades and luxury packages. 

What’s New?

For some time, the GMC Denali has not lived up to the luxury hype. Models, such as the RAM 1500 came in to offer more luxury features than the most luxurious Denali. The biggest changes in the newly announced 2022 Sierra are on luxury. Instead of limiting the changes to the Denali trims, the luxury features are now standard even on the base models. GMC renamed the base model to Pro. They also added two trims; the AT4X and the Denali Ultimate. These two trims are based on the previous AT4 and Denali trims, but they bring even more luxury and performance features. Every new GMC Sierra sports a fresh grille and bumper design that makes it look bolder. There are also revised LED headlights and a new style of daytime running lights. GMC designed these lights to animate in different sequences when a driver starts the pickup or they walk toward it.

Super Cruise is one of the biggest changes to the GMC Sierra. It is an advanced technology that allows you to pull a trailer, change lines, and maintain your speed hands-free. The enhanced version of the technology is engineered to work on more than 320,000 kilometers of highways in the U.S. and Canada. It uses LiDAR mapping and a blend of several other technologies that make it easier to drive along the highway. GMC offers Super Cruise as a standard feature on the Denali Ultimate and an available feature on the Denali.


The GMC Pro Safety gives confidence to the drivers on the road. It is a suite of driver-assistance features engineered to help drivers stay safe on the road.

Some of these features include:

• Following Distance Indicator: This feature shows the distance between your Sierra and the vehicle in front of you. It also shows the time in seconds between the two vehicles to help you determine if you are too close to the driver in front of you.

• Front Pedestrian Braking: The feature alerts the driver when there is a pedestrian in front of the vehicle and can autonomously brake to avoid an accident. This feature will only work when the vehicle drives at below 80 km/h.

• IntelliBeam: It turns the high beam on and off automatically, depending on the driving conditions.

• Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning: The safety feature alerts a driver through a steering wheel turn when they start drifting away from the detected lines. If you intentionally leave your lane or ignore a turn signal, the system alerts you. • Automatic Emergency Braking: The feature uses camera technology to help you avoid a collision with a vehicle you are following. It can automatically apply brakes in case of a detected collision. It works with forwarding Collision Alert to detect vehicles in front of your vehicle.


The newly announced 2022 GMC Sierra is available in eight trims. They include:

• Pro
• Elevation
• AT4
• AT4X
• Denali
• Denali Ultimate

The Pro, SLE, and Elevation trim runs on a standard 2.7L turbocharged engine that makes 310 horsepower and 420-pound feet of torque. The 5.3L V8 engine that mates to a 10-speed automatic transmission is available in these three trims, but standard in the SLT and Denali trims. AT4 runs on a standard 3.0L Duramax engine or an available 6.2L V8 engine that makes 420 horsepower. The latter is standard in the AT4X and the Denali Ultimate.


All models come with standard Pro Safety features. Other standard features include led headlamps, LED tail lamps, and daytime running lights. On the dashboard, the GMC Sierra sports a 13.4-inch diagonal touchscreen display and a 12.3-inch diagonal driver info center. The base model offers the World’s First SIX-Function MultiPro tailgate, which comes standard in all other models. The Sierra offers several screen combinations, allowing drivers to personalize the screen. GMC offers Google built-in features so that drivers can receive a personalized experience. Standard features here include Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Maps. These features allow you to access help and receive live traffic updates from your screen. Even better, the screens offer you 14 camera views for informed driving. These cameras make it easier for you to pull a trailer.


GMC focused on the luxury of the 2022 model. The top-of-the-line Denali Ultimate improves the luxury factor to rival pickups from Ford and Ram. It brings full-grain leather upholstery with an open-pore wood interior trim. There is also enough leather on the dash, the console lid, door panels, and the seats. There is a micro-suede headliner, a rear camera mirror system, and a power sunroof – all standard in the Denali Ultimate. The new AT4X is engineered to drive off the road, but it still offers a host of standard luxury features. It also offers standard leather upholstery and wood trim with white and red stitching on the seats. This pickup offers a 15-inch head-up display, sunroof, power sliding rear window, and a 12-speaker Bose stereo. Like the Denali Ultimate, you get massaging 16-way adjustable front seats. All other models also get a comfortable interior with available leather seats. The models have a new center console design. Models with bucket seats have a new electronic shifter. 


The newly announced Sierra sports unique finishes on the fascia, bumper, and grille. There is also new signature LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, and animated lighting sequences. There are three new colors joining the lineup – these are Dynamic Blue Metallic, Desert Sand Metallic, and Titanium Rush Metallic. Most models received an upgrade on the wheels. The

Elevation and SLT have 20-inch aluminum wheels while the AT4X, Denali, and Denali Ultimate have 22-inch aluminum wheels. The AT4 and lower trims have 18-inch aluminum wheels. Both the AT4X and Denali Ultimate have some distinguishing features that make them stand out.

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