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The 2022 All-New Hyundai Tucson with a Hybrid twist

The all-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson and Tucson Hybrid is a car you want to take a look at for your next vehicle purchase! The energy-efficient hybrid operates on clean energy, and this attractive sports utility vehicle is ready to take you from the boardroom to a great hiking adventure, It fits on any scene.

Tech Features

The tech features in the 2022 Hyundai Tucson are so helpful. For example, struggling with tight parking spots in the city is distressing for many drivers, however, with the remote intelligent parking assist designed into the Hyundai Tucson, parking is a simple feat. So let this tech-savvy car take care of parking for you while the technology helps you with many other unexpected distractions on the road.

No doubt, features are important when buying a car. However, looking good is an essential factor too. Impressing your friends is always a plus. Fortunately, this car fits the job of good looks and is practical at the same time. It gets the job done while giving its owner a sense of style.


The 2022 Tucson has achieved top safety awards. In 2021 Tucson barely missed a top safety award due to a low-rating on-halogen-headlight. However, times have changed. A change in LED headlights, structural crashworthiness, and a standard Smart-sense safety suite help Tucson gain the IIHS’s most prominent safety recommendation.

The manufacturers of the Hyundai Tucson installed additional features making this plug-in hybrid stand out in the field of SUV safety. In addition, customers can look forward to more cargo space and more passenger comfort.

Another reason for such an excellent safety score is the collision warning system. The device senses people walking, and smaller vehicles on the road, such as scooters and motorcycles, and is equipped with turning detection if consumers wish. Again, the IIHS found these safety additions quite significant for this attractive, easy-to-handle vehicle.

A few other safety features are lane-centering technology, driver focus monitoring, and centering steering that keeps a car inside its lane. Additional safety features are available upon upgrading when purchasing a 2022Hyundai Tucson, a 360-degree camera system and rear cross-traffic alert, Blind spot warning, and a stop and function attached to adaptive cruise control.

Interior Design

Join the thousands of Canadian new car drivers experiencing the sleek ride provided by the 2022 Tucson Hyundai. This beautiful hybrid makes the road an inviting place with its innovative design. Enjoy heated front and back seats, a heated leather-covered steering wheel, and dual-zone automatic temperature controls. In addition, the interior lighting is not excessively bright, so finding things in the car does not distract the driver or create a blinding effect while on the road.

On a great day, open the panoramic sunroof for a feel of the fresh air or a better look at a beautifully designed bridge. Driving the all-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson with its new tech features makes driving a pleasure.

Sometimes a road trip takes hours, and sitting in one position gets very uncomfortable. No problem with this Hyundai hybrid; the eight-lumbar setting makes the drive quite comfortable. The front seats are ventilated for comfort during hot weather. The circulating air keeps you nice and comfortable. Do not forget about the button-type shifter with paddle shifters and its 10.25” complete digital instrument cluster.

The Bose premium sound system is a must-have for music lovers. In addition, Hyundai has not forgotten about the needs of digital device users. Chargers and SUB ports are ready for use. Tech features keep this car one of the most innovative on the market, keyless entry, push-button ignition, and other features.

Exterior Design

The Tucson is sold in ash black, grey, deep-sea blue, crystal white, crimson red, and shimmering silver. Driving day or night is easy with LED taillights and hidden running lights. The SUV is sold in three versions, gas, hybrid and gas combination, and full hybrid. Drive through the worst rainy weather with rain-sensing windshield wipers that keep your view clear. These wipers operate without the driver activating the controls.

No need to struggle with grocery bags when your hands are full, the Tucson is equipped with a smart power liftgate. Searching for a key to unlock the storage area is eliminated by the press of a button. The liftgate has a sensor that automatically opens when you are within reach after three seconds.

The plug-in hybrid is powered by green energy, moving along the roadways with electric propulsion and utilizing gas when required; the best of both elements. The engine is designed with 258 lb.-ft. Torque. Available Smart-stream 1.6L Turbocharged Plug-in Hybrid engine + 66.9 kW electric motor + 13.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, 261 combined horsepower.

This self-charging vehicle is equipped with the necessities to keep you on the road without worry. The hybrid-only operates on a smart-stream 1.6L turbocharged hybrid engine. The 44.2 KW electric motor is powered by a 1.49 k.Wh lithium-ion battery 227 combined horsepower 258 lb.-ft. Torque. You will not be giving up the four-wheel-drive; it is standard on the car while getting 53 kilometers on battery power; this car carries a six-speed auto gearbox.

The 2022 Hyundai Tucson saves money for its owners. Since the braking system generates electricity for the car, it operates pretty inexpensively. The hybrid carries a heavier battery but overall is less expensive to use than the conventional gas-powered vehicle.