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Rolls-Royce Announced First EV Coming in 2023 - The Spectre

Rolls-Royce is taking its luxury to a new level by entering the electric vehicle age with the recently announced 2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre, an electric luxury vehicle.

This is Rolls-Royce's first attempt at fully electric vehicles, but the manufacturer says it will be the first in a series that will see all the gasoline models being phased out by 2030. During the announcement of the EV, Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös called it the most significant day in the company's history, since May 1904 when the company's founders met, with the agreement that they would create "the best motor car in the world." This, therefore, signifies the beginning of a brilliant journey for the brand.

The Journey

Rolls Royce has been exploring electric cars for a while, focusing on the impact of an electric model on the drive and ride experiences that are fundamental to the brand. Rolls Royce has, over time, been keen to come up with an electric car that is unique to the brand. Research projects throughout the process include the 2011 102EX concept that explored electrification of the pinnacle Phantom. Next was the 103EX in 2016, an experimental project whose concept car remains inspirational for the brand's design team.

What's in a Name?

The name Spectre was chosen to signify a new beginning for Rolls Royce. According to CEO Torsen Müller-Ötvös, the name represents great power and dominance that quickly disappears, leaving a wave of energy and exhilaration. He says the name is given to ethereal beings that manifest power and apparition and whose presence is felt through transitory manifestation. He says, "A specter forces the world to pause. It dominates the space it occupies. Then, as quickly as it appears, it dissipates, leaving a wake of exhilaration, energy, and intrigue."

Rigorous Testing Programs

Although there isn't a lot of information on the car's design, it's clear that it is production-ready, going by the timelines of the testing phase. Seeing as it's a new addition, customers can expect to accept delivery by late 2023. The company plans to take the Rolls Royce Spectre through a testing program that will cover 2.5 million kilometers and simulate more than 400 years of use. The brand's team will also take the car around the world, under different road conditions and climates to test its limits. This will be the most demanding testing program in the history of Rolls Royce. According to the company's CEO, the testing will be done in plain sight on roads worldwide, and people should watch out for the cars.

What TO Expect

While there isn't much information about the 2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre yet, it has been established that it will ride on the same platform as the Cullinan SUV and Phantom Sedan. However, unlike those two that are diesel-powered, the Spectre will be all-electric powered. You can expect the classic Rolls-Royce features when you purchase the Spectre, including a highly customizable package. The car is a two-door coupe that is designed in the same luxury architecture as the existing range. It is based on the same platform as the current Phantom, which was introduced in 2017. The platform is exclusive to the brand and is not shared within the larger BMW Group that currently owns Rolls Royce. The Rolls-Royce Spectre will be in the modular design of luxury aluminum that supports other models like the Ghost, Cullinan, and Phantom. Although there is no clear information about the car's powertrain, Rolls Royce's CEO has previously said that any electric model they create would need to perform similarly to its V-12 powered models. The V-12 models are known for their refinement but are spectacularly powerful when unleashed. When thinking of the Spectre's performance, use the 4.3-second zero-to-60-mph of the current Ghost model as a benchmark. The details around the price, charging times, driving range, and power outputs have not been confirmed, but going by the company's philosophy of creating the best motor car in the world, we can expect a robust product.

The Dream Design

The 2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre prototype has bodywork that looks similar to the Wraith luxury coupe. It has the same low curving roofline and a long bonnet that features the company's Spirit of Ecstasy bonnet ornament. There are no specific details of how the electric vehicle will stand out from the rest of the range. However, you can expect the electric vehicle to be defined by its noise-free, vibration-free electric powertrain. To achieve this, the car's design and manufacture require a different acoustic background, but it's something the Rolls Royce engineers are ready to overcome. When one of the company's founders, Charles Rolls, drove an electric vehicle in 1900, his impressions were that the car was clean, had no vibration or smell, and should be useful with fixed charging stations in the years to come.

The Rolls-Royce Spectre sounds magnificent. Its production is significant because it launches the company's journey into being fully electric by 2030, which is five years ahead of Canada's promise to be fully electric by 2035. It shows a commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, which is critical in addressing climate change. While the information on the details about the EV is currently scanty, the car still sounds like a dream in terms of design and performance. It is set to change the game for other electric vehicles in the market, and we can't wait to update you as more details unfold.