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Peak SUV Luxury the Lamborghini Urus

How's your ride treating you these days? Are you craving something a bit more sporty, sleek, and stylish, perhaps? The Lamborghini Urus, with its luxury and innovation combined effortlessly, is just begging you to take the wheel and experience an exhilarating ride.

The Lamborghini Urus: The ultimate in comfort and class

The Lamborghini Urus is the very first "super SUV" on Earth to blend the fiery soul and spirit of a sports car with all the functional features of a family-style SUV. Boasting a high-powered 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8, this chassis can produce up to 850 Nm of torque. You may not need to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph, but just knowing that you can make you feel like you are sporting a little secret when breezing down the road. Reaching a top speed of 305 kph, you'll no longer have an excuse for showing up late for soccer practices, family gatherings, and other pressing engagements.

Unique design

The Urus communicates freedom, allowing you to discover new terrain-from sand to track to backroads and beyond, you'll explore new pathways and discover a new level of driving pleasure and enjoyment. Unlock the possibilities as you ride any road in pure comfort.

Stylish features

A comfort-fit steering wheel, soft-touch leather, and bright green accents adorn the Urus interior, making for a tidy and inviting cockpit. You won't miss any notifications on the dash with its gigantic gauge cluster and center information/entertainment screen that can keep occupants busy for hours on end. Keep your eyes on the steering wheel, dear driver, as you experience 12-way adjustable bucket seats that keep you well contained even amidst twisting mountain passes and rocket-like straightaways. "Standard" luxury features are present, such as:

  • Apple CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Bluetooth
  • Heated/cooling seats
  • Electrically adjustable steering wheel
  • OnStar services
  • Power windows, doors, locks

All of these unique features add to your one-of-a-kind driving experience as you slide behind the wheel. As you enjoy the interior of this fashionable find, others will be admiring its sleek beauty as you breeze down the road.

Exterior Features

The Urus looks like a boxy and heavy addition to our 2022 models, but it is actually the lightest vehicle of those on its shared platform with Porsche, VW, and Bentley. Carbon fibre reinforced polymer is woven throughout its unibody, making it exceptionally easy to handle and light on the gas requirements. Rest assured, the light structure has nothing to do with its strength and stature; it is still called upon to protect you and your most precious cargo on your luxury rides. The Urus stands up exceptionally well in crash and accident tests, with very few indicators that passengers and possessions would experience injury and damage in an event.

Safety features

Soft, absorbent chairs ensure that passengers remain in an anatomically correct position at the moment of impact. Airbags deploy gently, helping to minimize damage due to their firing. Emergency braking is nearly effortless, with a touch-sensitive anti-lock braking system designed to adjust to current speeds. In short, all of these safety features add up to a satisfying and safe driving experience.

Drive train features

With top speeds at 305 kph, this impressive performance calls for an even more impressive drive train to handle all speeds. The Urus comes complete with a four-wheel-drive system, active torque vectoring, and four-wheel steering, making the most ambitious getaway manageable. The Urus also boasts features such as active roll stabilization, adaptive air suspension, and carbon-ceramic brakes, helping you to ease down the road with better efficiency and handling capabilities. You'll be ready for open road-hugging or mountain sidewinding with the Urus's ability to weather tight turns and crisp speeds with amazing accuracy. Like other Lamborghini offerings, the Urus features various driving modes which adapt the suspension to improve the car's performance in various driving conditions. It currently features the following driving modes:

  • Strada (street)
  • Corsa (track)
  • Terra (dirt)
  • Sabbia (sand)
  • Neve (snow)

With the latter offerings part of the off-road package that does not come standard. Seating up to five people, the Urus promises one of the most luxurious drives of your life.

Fuel efficiency

The Urus holds up well to traditional SUV scrutiny, boasting an impressive 27 kpg on the highway and 19 kpg in town. 26 litres will yield 160 k, making it one of the most fuel-efficient and attractive SUVs on the market today.