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The HeyAuto Club welcomes all registered users and platform guests to enjoy a seamless car buying experience.

Emily MacKinnon

, Executive Assistant in
HeyAuto Showcase
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Simple. Trusted. Car Buying

HeyAuto’s sole mission has been to become the top car marketplace that Canadians rely on, and with our motto of “Simple. Trusted. Car Buying” locals are soon realizing and experiencing our “by the people, for the people” platform, first-hand.

In fact, within two years of our inception, thousands of Canadians have successfully found their dream cars. The HeyAuto Club - which is what we call our registered users and guests on the website - has steadily been expanding in numbers at the same exponential rate as the variety of cars for sale we offer.

“Wait, why is everyone referred to as being part of the HeyAuto Club?” As long as you are on the HeyAuto platform browsing for your next car, you are part of a change. A much-needed change within the automotive industry. And a change in the way people will shop for cars online in future.

Now at this point, you may be wondering: “But why join the HeyAuto Club? Why not shop elsewhere?” For starters, we have heard the woes, experienced the pain points, and seen online automotive marketplaces stagnate. Taking all of that into account we have created a platform that is extremely easy to use. The clutter is gone to ensure the platform is clean, and there are no ads so you can focus on what you truly want: buying a car.

But that’s not all. In addition to being a car marketplace, we aim to empower every Canadian by equipping them with important and useful tidbits about cars. Whether you are an experienced or new driver, we all know - knowledge certainly is power. So, we have thoughtfully crafted bite-sized and coffee-sized articles for our HeyAuto Club members and created a marketplace that empowers online car buyers. From “Tips & Tricks” to “Car 101s,” we write about topics that range from questions you should ask dealerships before your purchase to car accessories every car needs to getting your car through winter. No question or topic is out of bounds; we even talk about the different car body types and much more!

“Okay, so why should I register as a member when the platform is free?” The difference is that those who are registered members, get access to unique features like the ability to review all your messages to dealerships, compare all your favourited vehicles at a glance, and save your searches no matter how broad like “trucks” or specific like “2020 Black Jeep Wrangler” - non-users can’t access these convenient bits. But not to worry, even as a non-HeyAuto Club member you can use the platform to buy a car and experience why HeyAuto is growing to be Canada’s favourite car marketplace.

Not a member yet? Signing up is free and only takes seconds.

About the author
Emily MacKinnon
, Executive Assistant
Originally from Nova Scotia, Emily has spent the last 9 years in sales and customer service. A jack of all trades. She hopes to be able to help educate and get people excited about their next car purchases through her expression in these blogs.

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