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The HeyAuto Club empowers all Canadians to shop for their next car on a clean and easy to use platform. Made for the people, by the people.

Emily MacKinnon

, Executive Assistant in
HeyAuto Showcase
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Car Buying

Car buying. This begins with a quick online search where you comb through results and select a website before diving straight into car filters to find a car you are interested in. Once a car is found you open a tab and if you don’t like the vehicle, go back and repeat the same with another vehicle.

We all start our search somewhere, but how does that dream car land onto your driveway? How long does it take and is the process always more tedious than it needs to be?

The answer is easy: car buying should be a simple, hassle-free and dare we say - an enjoyable process. We have experienced the woes, the pain points, and witnessed the automotive marketplace landscape stagnate to present you with a whole new and unique experience. From now on, car buying will be about finding a car in no time.

So let’s dig into what the future of car buying in Canada looks like.

Multi-variant search

With a variety of car filter combinations, you can find the exact car you are looking for. But that’s not all, these features have been designed with convenience in mind - for instance, you can slide the price range instead of manually entering it and get as specific as you like. Other filter options include multiple choice options, so all you have to do is select one of them - for instance under body type you can select between eight body types including SUVs, sedans, convertibles etc.

Vehicle Snapshot Card (VSC)

Every HeyAuto Club member loves the VSC. Why? Firstly, because users don’t need to open a new or multiple tabs to get details on a vehicle. Secondly, they can compare vehicles from the same page. And lastly, because they can contact a car dealership without ever exiting out of the search page! The buttons present on the VSC are outlined below:

  • Go Visual: Any part highlighted in the Go Visual tab indicates all the additional features available in a car.
  • Details: This indicates basic details of a car, such as condition, fuel type, transmission, mileage and much more.
  • Score: This indicates how good of a deal a vehicle it is. The higher the number the better the deal.
  • Finance: Easily calculate your car financing options without whipping out your own calculator or leaving this page. Conveniently estimate your payments in advance before you go down to test drive a car.
  • Share: You have the option of sharing a vehicle with someone by either emailing them the VSC, copying a short URL, or selecting your choice of social media via the appropriate icon.

Vehicle Description Page (VDP)

The VDP is a detailed look into a VSC. We have optimized this page for a seamless HeyAuto Club experience where you will notice all the features available in our VSC but with a little more in-depth information about a vehicle. Features like the ability to contact a car dealership, car financing calculator etc, remain the same - because who wants to hit “back” on a tab to search for information?

Zero ads

No one in the HeyAuto Club would be hassled with unnecessary ads. If you are looking for a Ford Bronco or Jeep Wrangler, that is all you will ever see. As mentioned before, we have experienced the automotive industry and have experienced the pain points. HeyAuto is all about Simple. Trusted. Car Buying. Any search and vehicle you see on the platform will be relevant to your unique search.

Car dealerships options

We have thousands of car dealerships from all across Canada to ensure you have a variety of cars to choose from. Search our car dealership directory to find one near you and view all their inventory. Additionally, once you find a dealership you would like to visit or a car you want to test drive, we text or email you their directions so you don’t ever have to exit the page.

At every step of the way HeyAuto ensures the needs of our HeyAuto Club comes first. Every day we wake up and choose to empower the Canadian driver. If there’s something you love or have any suggestions for improvement, we love hearing from you! Contact us and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours!

About the author
Emily MacKinnon
, Executive Assistant
Originally from Nova Scotia, Emily has spent the last 9 years in sales and customer service. A jack of all trades. She hopes to be able to help educate and get people excited about their next car purchases through her expression in these blogs.

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