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HeyAuto Celebrates 1,000 dealerships

HeyAuto has swiftly become a favorite for many dealerships throughout Canada!

Emily MacKinnon

Executive Assistant


HeyAuto has swiftly become a favorite among many dealerships throughout Canada! We’ve just surpassed 1,000 dealerships and 100,000 vehicles within two years of inception. This success is greatly attributed to our unique use of machine learning and AI, which has helped us reimagine the car buying and selling experience.

”1,000 dealers means we are on our way to empowering Canadians. HeyAuto exists to challenge all pre-existing limits within the online automotive space, using leading-edge technology. Our entire platform has been built in-house to utilize AI and machine learning capabilities,” says Brent Lane, HeyAuto CEO.

As the number of dealerships on HeyAuto grows, so do the new tech-filled features every month. Our latest accomplishment is giving shoppers the ability to call directly and dynamically search for dealerships Canada-wide, with more innovative features already in the works.

For dealerships, this means more business, increased visibility, and exposure to unique demographics. All the 1,000 - and growing - dealerships now have free unlimited listings, hassle-free inventory management, and the ability to directly connect via phone or message. Having been optimized and built with user experience in mind, HeyAuto is a used car marketplace focused on providing dealerships with an equally redefined experience.

As HeyAuto welcomes 1,000 new dealerships onto the platform, it also welcomes more and more Canadians in search of their next car - the new way.

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