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Everything You Need To Know About The New Canoo Lifestyle

Stretch out, load up goods, or invite guests to the most iconic backseat on the road, with more legroom than the largest of SUVs. The new Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle is an all-new electric vehicle that comes at a very affordable price. The naming of Canoo comes from the fact that a canoe can be manageable and requires very little effort to cruise around. See the world around you with panoramic views and increased visibility in the cabin with 188 cubic ft. of space.

The Canoo Lifestyle Is a Loft on Wheels

The entire design of the Lifestyle is based around the style of a skateboard which easily houses both the motor and battery. It quickly provides ample space for the interior equal to a large SUV and an exterior similar to a compact vehicle.

Currently, there is still some mystery surrounding all of the features of the vehicle. However, what is known is that its wheels are 19 inches and are able to seat a maximum of seven passengers. With it being so spacious, it will certainly come in handy for road trips and camping adventures. Having a similar design to the Volkswagen bus, the shape is rounded and streamlined. Its lights are LED and it includes a black gloss that provides a modern feel. It also includes a variety of options that will get you closer to nature, like roof sections that can be removed.

The battery for the Lifestyle is 80-kWh and has a range of at least 250 miles after being fully charged. The battery in this EV is believed to achieve a charge of at least 80% after 28 minutes of charging. It is still unclear what type of charger is used for charging.

The color options that are available for the Lifestyle van are black, grey, and white. You are also able to wrap it with a variety of canvases. Reserving your Canoo vehicle will cost around $100, and they are expected to roll out of the manufacturer throughout 2022. Please keep a look out for its release in major cities across the country.


Cargo Space

Get ready for a new standard in versatility where form meets function in a cabin with 188 cubic ft. of space. The interior of the Canoo is able to provide the same amount as seen in other large SUVs thanks to the platform design that places the batteries inside the Canoo´s base. With the huge amount of space available, there is even ample space for a couple of bicycles without having the seats folded down. You’ll even be able to fit a kayak in the cabin area when the seats are folded down. Canoo Electric Delivery Vehicle



The brand-new Canoo Lifestyle will be starting at around $35,000. Models with more features will see a price tag close to $50,000. Although these prices may seem on the higher side, the Lifestyle is packed with unique features. The price is determined by model: Premium, Delivery, and Base. A fourth model called the Adventure is due to be released in the future.


Wellness Components

With filtration capabilities and windows, the interior is very comfortable. There are four windows in total and open from the side in both the front and back passenger seats as well as a moon roof on the top. The Canoo models will include a multitude of air circulation and filtration to allow you to breathe clean air as you drive. There are a total of 16 vents distributed throughout the Canoo. The interior vents are all separate and with an HVAC covering 3 areas. For the driver and all passengers. This separate system allows the passengers to control their own comfort level.

The Canoo filtration system allows fresh air into the vehicle by use of a PM 2.5 air filter. The filter is also able to recirculate the air that is in the vehicle. The rear HVAC is utilized for cabin air circulation and is associated with the wellness package of Canoo. Along with the wellness package, it includes filters beneath the seats of the second row. A carbon element is included in the filters to help reduce and eliminate allergens and other impurities from remaining inside.


Canoos Future

Canoo's objective is to make EVs available to everyone. The firm has created ground-breaking Multi-Purpose Platforms and digital ecosystems that are transforming the automotive environment via bold design innovations, cutting-edge technology, and a one-of-a-kind revenue model that spans the vehicle's entire lifecycle. Having a ready amount of vehicles, Canoo is planning to release its EV fleet in a variety of areas in the U.S. as well as produce its vehicles in states such as Arkansas. Manufacturing efforts in 2023 will also begin to take effect in Oklahoma.


Future Models

Although the Premium, Lifestyle, Base, and Delivery vans are available as expected, the Canoo will also include a new model known as the Adventure which is based on the Lifestyle model.

The features of the Adventure will include increased clearance from the ground and a more in-depth profile. There is an enhancement of the bumpers and a skid plate that will provide durability for the vehicle. Even though the Adventure is set for release in 2023, the exact date is unknown.


Canoo Electric Camping Vehicle