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DeLorean is Bringing Back the Future with the Alpha 5 EV

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DeLorean's original headliner classic, the DMC -12 that was made popular in the 80s is making a comeback with a stunning electric concept vehicle. The DeLorean Alpha 5 is ready to embrace the future.

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Image by DeLorean

DeLorean - the Classic

The all-new Delorean Alpha 5 will be an electric car that balances the past and the future while retaining the famous DNA of the company. The design has significantly evolved from the narrow layout that DMC-12 displayed at the time. Unlike the DMC -12, the EV is curvy and smooth like some recent electric vehicles like the Porsche Taycan. The DeLorean Alpha 5 is way better than the old DMC-12, from its features to the performance, not forgetting that it’s an electric vehicle. In this article, you will show you the car's details, including the exterior and the interior features of the electric vehicle and its origin.

The Origin of DeLorean and its Popularity in the Back to the Future

This vehicle is best known as a 1980 sports car automobile famous because of its appearance in the Back to the Future film as the time machine. The designer of this car was Georgetto Giugiaro and he launched it in 1981. He was the one who came up with the whole appearance of the car, from the shape to the features such as gulling doors, which are still there in the alpha 5. It was not famous before the making of the movie, the car was a joke among automobile enthusiasts. This is because it was slow, poor in terms of quality, and the car owners were not even loyal to the brand, meaning it was not as impressive and stylish as many could wish.

The DeLorean was used back in the future movie because of its peculiar nature. It was the ideal car that Doc Brown could use in the film. The reason is that Doc Brown was not up to the current trends, so he was not attempting to impress anyone with the car, and so he wouldn't mind using it. When Doc Brown was asked why he used the DeLorean, he would say that he had a vision of building a time machine. Despite many people not liking the car, DMC is now famous worldwide, courtesy to the back in the future movie.

1980's back to the future DeLorean

Exterior Highlights of the DeLorean Alpha-5

The modernity of this car is high. The exterior of the Alpha 5 creates confidence and a compelling presence. Some of the exterior features in this car that customers mostly prefer are:
• Sculpted bonnet
• A slanted roofline
• Gull winged doors which are designed after the original DMC-12 and look like those of the Tesla Model X, offering a massive doorway to the four-seat cabin
• Window grilles on the rear window
• The Delorean logo
• LED strips for the taillights
• Unusual shoulder outlines that wrap around side of the vehicle
• Efficient blade rim wheel model

The DeLorean Alpha 5 is a large car. When the gullwing doors are closed, it is 16.38ft long; the height is 4.5ft tall (without the doors open), while the width is 4.5ft.

Delorean exterior

The Interior Highlight of the DeLorean Alpha 5

When you step inside the Alpha 5, you will be amazed. The cabin has a modern vibe about it. The electric vehicle has a four-seat cabin. It has enough space with a lot of leg room, which gives a comfortable space for both the passengers and the driver. The interior of this EV is seen to have been designed after a sports sedan. Its dashboard is very simple and has a large modern instrument metre panel behind the steering wheel. It also has a touchscreen infotainment system at the top of the centre stack. Beneath the screen, you will find some USB connections, climate control knobs, and a wireless charging system.

The Performance and Electric Battery of DeLorean Alpha 5

Now that we know what the electric vehicle looks like, DeLorean is being cryptic regarding its powertrain. The business claims that it will be capable of accelerating to 100kph, and it will take only three seconds and reach a top speed of 250kph, both of which are impressive numbers. Another thing stated by the company about this car is that the drive unit is one hundred plus kilowatt-hour rechargeable battery should give it a range of more than 480 Kilometres range which is quite impressive. It cannot be compared with the lucid air, which can do 800kilometres, but at least it is a lot better than most alternate EV ranges. It is also better than the slow DMC-12, which shows a significant improvement in the car. Both the performance and the battery are good.

Delorean interior

Bottom Line

The Delorean Alpha vehicle will be thrilling because of its impressive numbers and its extraordinary design. DeLorean Alpha 5 is an exceptional modern interpretation of a car that is distinctive, and desirable compared to the DMC-12, despite being based on the original DMC-12. The performance and details about the DeLorean Alpha 5 car are pretty impressive. It symbolizes the coming back of the famous—DeLorean marque, which has a rechargeable battery electric vehicle drivetrain. The DeLorean Alpha 5 is expected to succeed despite its absence of time travel technology. It creates a great path for the future of electric vehicle car designs. The DMC-12 is the icon and inspiration of the Alpha 5 and based on that; the car is much improved in such a way the appearance is attractive. The new EV car represents the past forty years of the car manufacturer. The appearance of this EV will attract many buyers.

We are excited for the comeback of the Delorean and expect some die-hard fans to of the back to the future franchise to join in on our excitement! 

DeLorean is Bringing Back the Future with the Alpha 5 EV

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