Back Seat Driving And The Clash Of The Pullmans

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Mercedes is back in the ultra luxury game

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The Maybach

Mercedes is back in the ultra luxury game, after bringing back the Maybach name a few years ago, they have now made the S 650 Maybach Pullman addition to their line up. Mercedes is now going head to head with Rolls Royce in the long body market, with price points catered mostly to dictators and billionaires (about $800,000CAD), making the chauffeur's salary pretty irrelevant. Now which one do we choose? As pretty as the Maybach is, it’s missing all the bells and whistles that take the Rolls above and beyond, including stars in the ceiling, Umbrellas in the doors, and the rising Spirit Of Ecstasy (check out the crystal option).

Maybach takes the cake on the interior design, looking a little more futuristic and sporty, but it just can’t top what we have always loved from Rolls Royce. Regardless of what you choose, pay your driver a little extra considering how hard its going to be to get one of these things around a corner or parallel park it in front of Carbone.

Back Seat Driving Mercedes is Back in the Ultra Luxury Game
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