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2022 Volvo S60 - Luxurious Safety

The Volvo S60 is a luxury car made even better for 2022. The vehicle's exterior has been updated with new LED headlights, reconfigured bumpers, and more aerodynamic bodywork. These changes give the car an advanced look without compromising its safety features.

Amie-Lynn Mitchell

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What's New for the 2022 Volvo S60?

The all-new Volvo S60 for the 2022 model year comes with a redesigned exterior and interior. It is now available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. Exterior features include a revised grille, headlights, and taillights. Interior features include a new infotainment system and a redesigned center console. Other highlights include an updated infotainment system with a large touchscreen display, a powerful turbocharged engine, and a class-leading suite of safety features.

Trims and Features.

The 2022 Volvo S60 is available in five trim levels: Momentum, R-Design, Inscription, Polestar Engineered, and Recharge R-Design Expression. All trims come standard with all-wheel drive (AWD), a 248 horsepower turbocharged engine, an eight-speed
automatic transmission, and City Safety. The standard features of the Volvo S60 include front bucket seats, power accessories, air-conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, and Bluetooth connectivity. The list of available options includes leather upholstery, heated rear seats, and wood interior trim.


The interior of the 2022 Volvo S60 is luxurious and easy to use. For example, there are four direct-access buttons on each door that allow you to control your favorite features without having to take out your phone or reach for a secondary screen in front of the steering wheel. The large touchscreen panel makes it extremely easy to control all of the car's features, and there are even some built-in apps that you can use without having to download anything. The seats are incredibly comfortable, and they offer a lot of support even when driving on rough roads. The rear seats are also spacious, so you can comfortably fit three people back there. Overall, the interior of the 2022 Volvo S60 is one of its strongest points. The Volvo S60's interior is spacious and comfortable. The front seats are supportive and provide good visibility, while the rear seats offer plenty of legroom. The cabin is well-insulated from exterior noise, making for a quiet ride. The infotainment system is easy to use and features a large touchscreen display. Overall, the S60's interior is comfortable, well-built, and roomy.


The 2022 Volvo S60 is a great car. It has a great exterior which makes it stand out from other vehicles on the market and gives you that luxury feels when driving. The body of this car is sleek and smooth with no sharp edges or corners to hurt passengers in case there's ever any kind of accident, such as a head-on collision. The car is also made with a solid and sturdy metal that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it perfect for long-distance driving or even off-roading if necessary.

The color selection for the 2022 Volvo S60 is great too. You have the option to choose from many different colors, all of which look amazing. The headlights of the car are also very impressive. They are designed to be as bright as possible so that you can see well even in the darkest conditions. They are also very sleek and stylish, making your car look even better.


The Volvo S60 2022 is a great performer. The engine is powerful, and the car handles well. The brakes are excellent, too. Overall, this is a great car to drive. The non-hybrid Volvo S60 is powered by a turbocharged four-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 260 horsepower and pairs with an all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive power increases to 400 hp on the all-wheel-drive recharge plug-in Volvo S60 hybrid. The recharge polestar engine makes 415 hp and 494 pound-feet of torque. The performance of the Volvo S60 2022 is impressive. It comes standard with a turbocharged engine that delivers plenty of power and torque, so you can easily merge onto highways and pass other cars on two-lane roads. The suspension is excellent, so you don't feel every bump in the road when driving on rough terrain. It has an eight-speed automatic transmission. The steering feels extremely responsive and tight, which allows for quick lane changes without losing control of the car. Even though it's not a sports sedan or anything like that, it definitely can keep up with some of the best cars in its class. The brakes are also very responsive, which is great for stopping quickly or avoiding an accident.


The S60 is a safe car. It has seven airbags and an advanced stability system that will keep you from skidding off the road in wet conditions. Because of its size, it can get through deep snow easier. When designing this vehicle, the company put safety first, so it would be easy to see why it is so confident in its safety record. The 2022 Volvo S60 comes standard with several safety features that will help protect both passengers and drivers alike.

  1. Blind Spot Monitoring System with Rear-Cross Traffic Alert.

This system keeps you safe by monitoring traffic around your car. If there is a car in your blind spot, the alarm will go off to let you know. The rear-cross traffic alert warns you when a car is coming from behind as you try to back out of a parking spot.

  1. Forward Collision Warning and Automated Emergency Braking.

This system can detect if you are about to hit another car. It will alert you with a message on your dashboard and apply the brakes to hopefully prevent an accident.

  1. Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keeping Assistant.

A Lane departure warning will alert you if your car starts to drift out of its lane. A Lane-keeping assistant will gently steer the car back into place.

With these safety systems, it is easy to see why Volvo has such an excellent reputation for safety and why so many families choose this vehicle as their own. In conclusion, the Volvo S60 2022 is a great car. It looks good, it's very comfortable and safe to drive, and the engine has plenty of power for getting around town or merging onto highways. If you are looking for an all-around fantastic vehicle with so many great features at such an affordable price, this could be it!