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The Glovebox: A Brief History

Your Glovebox … what is it even for? Let's explore its origins and uncover a more powerful, digitized version of this space - that will transform your car ownership experience, forever!

The Glovebox, also known as the glove compartment, is a small compartment in most vehicles, usually located on the dashboard near the front passenger seat. It gets its name from the fact that it was originally designed to store gloves. Yes- really! This lockable compartment was designed to be used by drivers and passengers for glove storage in the early twentieth century, back when automobile cabins had poor (or no) temperature control.

First introduced during the early 1900s, the glovebox became synonymous with stashing gloves, but has always - and continues to be -  broadly used for items and important vehicle document storage. That’s why most glove compartments of today feature locks, keeping valuables away from potential thieves.

That said, while you may or may not store your puffy winter gloves in your car’s glovebox anymore, do you feel 100% comfortable keeping important items stored inside your car?

Would you store your license, registration, and vehicle title in your glovebox? If you answered, yes - it may be time to consider a thief's state of mind: It’s not just your car they want.  

 So, where can drivers secure their personal documents, receipts, and car related paperwork? And why does it even matter?

Enter Glovebox by HeyAuto.

Glovebox, through its simple, secure, and easily accessible document storage service combined with an enhanced car ownership experience allows you to:

Never lose important documents
Store your purchase, repair, maintenance records, and receipts securely in one single place. This digital integration will enable you to receive timely notices for any maintenance or recalls needed from your dealership(s), as well as integrate into a variety of other powerful ways. Have you ever forgotten to pay for a parking ticket? HeyAuto Glovebox is designed to help!)

Share information digitally
Quickly and securely; anytime, from anywhere - whether you are renewing your coverage, making a claim, need to show proof of maintenance, or are traveling and need to show proof of insurance - Glovebox is the perfect tool. 

Get multiple offers 
By using the My Offers feature in Glovebox, you are able to easily and confidentially list your vehicle and instantly attract multiple offers from a variety of authorized dealers in your area.

Discover your trade-in value 
Discover your real-time trade-in results from dealers you choose, against any vehicle(s) you are interested in purchasing without having to travel around your city or spend endless days on the phone trying to get a deal.

Save money
Get special dealership offers and maintenance savings that are specific to your vehicle's make and model delivered directly to your Glovebox.

Get Connected
Our built-in chat feature is a fast and convenient way to speak with the experts. Whether you have questions about your current vehicle, want to set up an annual maintenance schedule, or are considering a new ride, Glovebox is the place where it all happens!

It's true, from it's very first iteration the glovebox has had an interesting and storied purpose and HeyAuto's creative upgrade is no exception.

Isn't it time to take your Used Car ownership experience to new heights? Leave your gloves in the car and open up your FREE HeyAuto Glovebox, today!

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