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About Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories includes the regions of Dehcho, North Slave, Sahtu, South Slave and Inuvik. With somewhat of a remote landscape, the terrain consists of dense forest, mountains, harsh tundra and small islands surrounding Arctic Archipelago. The province has been divided into three main areas: the Arctic Archipelago, the Arctic Mainland and the Mackenzie Valley area. With a population of over 43,000 people (2020),most of the inhabitants live in the capital city of Yellowknife. Others live in smaller towns and settlements surrounding the city.

The winters in the Northwest Territories are long and harsh, with temperatures dropping to-40°C (-40°F).Those living North to the Arctic Circle experience the biggest cold snaps. Residents are used to living through extreme weather and the vehicles they drive prove it.Since conditions during the winter force most to drive on sheer ice, an ideal vehicle would be all wheel drive and would be capable of withstanding snow storms. Examples of ideal vehicles would be a Mazda 3, Honda CR-V or Jeep Grand Cherokee, which include impressive safety features and traction. Other ideal vehicles would be trucks such as a Honda Ridgeline or Ford F-150, which are known for being capable on even the harshest winter roads.

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