Welcome to the Future Of Automotive Technology with HeyAuto

Your Opportunity To Invest is Here! In partnership with FrontFundr, Canada's leading equity crowdfunding platform, we invite you to be part of the automotive revolution. A revolution that's set to make car buying smarter, easier, and more streamlined than ever before.

Why Choose HeyAuto?

Beyond Transactions, Building Relationships. We're not just another online marketplace for cars. We aim to redefine automotive commerce by focusing on long-lasting relationships and a delightful user experience from beginning to end.

What Sets Us Apart?

Trust & Transparency

Both HeyAuto and FrontFundr are committed to providing clear communication and fostering lasting relationships. When you invest, you are buying into a collective vision that's aiming to reshape the automotive world for the better.

Ready To Be Part Of Something Transformative?

The clock is ticking, and there's still a chance for you to be part of this incredible journey. We can’t promise ROI, but we can promise an unwavering commitment to our vision and our investors.a