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My Offers

Select “Get An Offer On Your Car” >  “Add My Car.” Upload basic car information and request offers from dealerships. Dealers appear in your list based on your proximity; the further down the list you go, the farther away from you they are. Select as many or as few dealerships you want.

Request Offers” means you are requesting a dealership to make you an offer on your car.  The Request Offer button changes to Pending. 
Pending” means you are awaiting an offer from a dealership. 
Resend Request” means you are resending an offer request to a dealership. This button only appears after three days from your initial request, and can only be used once.

Once a dealership makes you an offer, the “Pending” button will be replaced by the offer amount. Should you accept it, you can call or message them directly. 

**You cannot make any changes to your car profile once you have started requesting offers.

As soon as you list your car and request for offers, dealerships will be notified and interested parties will respond back with an offer. All active offers will be in your "My Offers" tab in your profile.

You can always "Resend Request" after three days to remind dealers to send you an offer. This reminder can be utilized once, after which the button will permanently read “Pending” until they respond, or your car has been sold. 

My Offers is a car-selling space where people across Canada can sell their cars exclusively to dealerships. As a car seller, you are completely anonymous to ensure a hassle-free experience: This means no more meeting strangers, no more coordinating multiple viewings, and no more answering back-and-forth questions from multiple people. 

You can request offers from nearby dealerships through the convenience of your own home, and wait to see all offers before you decide to sell. And since you are anonymous, dealers cannot contact you until you accept their offer and contact them first. 

With My Offers, you can be reassured that offers come from trusted and credible sources - dealerships.

My Offers ensures all car sellers have a hassle-free experience as you sell your car. 

  1. List your vehicle and sit back while dealerships send you offers.
  2. No flood of emails or constant back-and-forth with potential buyers. 
  3. You are anonymous; this means no one can contact you unless you contact them first. 
  4. Choose which dealerships see your car.
  5. You can choose as many offers as you like, or select the highest bid - the choice is entirely yours. 

Yes, you need to sign-up to sell your car on My Offers. This is to ensure all incoming offers are conveniently complied in your profile section and you can manage them from there. However, once you accept an offer, you can choose your own method of communication with a dealership. 

You can accept as many offers as you like. Begin by calling or messaging dealerships directly from the My Offers page. 

Only dealerships you have chosen to receive an offer from can see your listing. You can always go back and request more offers from dealers you haven’t already selected. Do note that only interested parties will respond to your request. 

Price offers are an estimate and subject to the Terms & Conditions each dealership sends you with their offer. 

After you list your car, My Offers will present you with a list of car dealerships based on your proximity. The lower down the list you go, the farther away from you they are. “Request Offer” from as many dealerships as you like; those dealerships will then be notified about the request, and make you an offer based on the details you have provided. 

Once you decline an offer, that dealership is permanently removed from your list and you won’t be able to see them again. 

If you don’t receive an offer after three days from your initial request, select the “Resend Request” button to remind dealerships. This reminder can be utilized once, after which the button will permanently read “Pending” until they respond, or your car has been sold. 

No. You are anonymous and no one can contact you until you contact a dealership first.


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