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My Offers

Private sellers load their vehicle pictures and information into the platform with a simple three-step process. Based on the seller's location, HeyAuto request offers from top-rated dealers on the platform. HeyAuto sends the dealer an email with a summary of the vehicle including photos, details, and an offer form; fill in your offer price, contact details and state any buying Terms & Conditions. The seller will reach out to the dealer contact either by phone or email and the negotiation/transaction occurs. 

NOTE:  Estimated offers are not guaranteed. The dealer reserves the right to negotiate or decline their offer.  

An offer can be placed once and can’t be edited or sent multiple times.

Dealers are only charged on conversion. If a private seller transacts with a dealer through "My Offers", the dealer is charged a $495 one-time fee. If a dealer is participating in a monthly subscription package with HeyAuto, there is no one-time fee, transactions are unlimited. 

My Offers is a vehicle-selling space where motivated sellers across Canada sell their vehicles exclusively to dealerships. 

Dealers make offers on private seller inventory in a private dashboard. The private seller connects with the dealer by email or phone on their preferred offer. Once an offer connection is made by HeyAuto, the dealer and the seller transact from there. 

Not at this time. To ensure consistency for the seller, HeyAuto encourages dealers to present a realistic offer with Terms & Conditions based on the information provided by the seller. 

Once the dealer submits an offer, the seller is notified with the dealer's contact info. The seller can connect with the point of contact submitted with the offer and negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction.

NOTE: a bid can only be placed once and cannot be edited or sent multiple times.


The dealer point of contact will be notified via email when a seller offer request has been submitted. The dealer can access the vehicle info and make an offer in their dealer portal.  

Customers receive the following information when a dealer makes an offer:

  • Offer price
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number 
  • Email
  • Notes to customer - ie: "We would need to have this vehicle in for an
                                              inspection prior to transacting." 

At this time we do not have the availability for video walkarounds of vehicles. However, HeyAuto is constantly reviewing how to improve our customer's experience and we are looking to have a solution in the future. 

The Seller's location information is anonymous. Dealers closest to the customer in proximity receive offer requests. Once a seller engages with an offer, contact information is shared with the dealer.

The Seller contact information is kept anonymous to ensure a hassle-free experience. The dealer receives contact information when the seller connects with the dealer's point of contact on the offer. 

No. Dealer offers can only be viewed by the seller once submitted, and by HeyAuto internally to ensure an even playing field for our dealers on the platform. 

Dealers can view and manage all offers in their dealer portal on HeyAuto. Every vehicle has a unique ID. Once a seller contacts a dealer, the offer can be accessed with the vehicle ID in the portal. 

Only dealers with an active dealer portal account can receive offer requests. The three to five dealers closest to the seller receive an opportunity to make an offer. If the dealer declines to make an offer, an additional dealer is requested. 


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