Sell Cars... Not Customer Data

In today's digital age, vehicles are equipped with advanced onboard computers that collect an extensive amount of personal driver data, from contacts and call logs to text messages and location history. As a dealership, it is imperative to ensure the secure deletion of this sensitive information from used cars to protect against potential data breaches and safeguard your reputation. We're excited to announce our partnership with Privacy4Cars, which will set a new benchmark for customer safety and security in the dealership industry.

Wipe Data, Protect Trust

Our state-of-the-art Glovebox tool, coupled with Privacy4Cars’ certified data removal process, offers the ultimate solution for deleting personal information from a vehicle's onboard computer meeting IoT security best practices and regulatory standards. Add an extra layer of security for your customers by charging a fee for this data wipe service and incorporating it in the sale of vehicle warranties! This game-changing technology will take your dealership to the next level of customer satisfaction and security.

Provide The Ultimate Protection

Introducing the ultimate solution for ensuring customer privacy and data protection in the dealership industry. We stand behind our technology with a million-dollar warranty and a certificate of completion, giving dealerships the peace of mind they need to confidently offer this service to their customers. Upgrade your dealership with this revolutionary technology and elevate your customers experience.

Maximized Leads

Our method is fast, efficient, and easy to use, making it the perfect addition to your dealership's point-of-sale process. Being an exclusive provider of this service sets your dealership apart from the competition, generates leads and offers a unique, highly sought-after service.