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The ultimate car argument

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The ultimate car argument

The ultimate car argument. Japan or Italy? Do you need to pay a premium to have the coolest car on the block? Drifting or lap times? Gleaming Rosso Corsa Ferrari paint or Sparco decals? Fast and Furious had us all watching a Vinyl wrapped Toyota Supra leave a Ferrari in the dust on the PCH and convinced us all it was the cooler car to have.

Let’s go back to the 90’s when both countries were in there prime. Japan was giving us one of the most mystical cars out there. A car Paul Walker made into every kids dream car. The Nissan R34 Skyline. This car is still somewhat of a unicorn in North America (you will need a lawyer to slip you through some tight customs loopholes to import one).

The R34 is arguable the prettiest car to ever come from Japan, top speed and acceleration is not what we are looking for here. You are going to have every eye at the car meet on you even when it’s parked.

The R34 was for childish street racers though and you had no interest in that. You were wearing a Brioni suit and valeting out front of Mr. Chow. You needed something with a big price tag and a screaming V8. Therefore you bought a Ferrari 355.

The Ferrari 355 was beautiful. It had a gated 6 speed manual transmission and looked like it belonged in front of both a California beach, and a Villa in Tuscany. Topping out at 183MPH it had the legs on the stock R34… however no one who has a R34 had a stock R34.

This is an argument that will never come to an end. If i am at a Tokyo parking garage drift race i want the R34, if i’m winding around mountain roads in the French Alps, ill take the Ferrari every time.

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