Actual Consumer Advice - The Wagon

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Wagons are back in style, and we love it.

Emily MacKinnon

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The size of a car with the space of an SUV

The wagons coming out of Europe these days look great, meaning you won’t look like a dork when you drop off your kids at their soccer game. Back in the day, driving a wagon meant that you had to give up speed and cool points — that day is long gone.

Mercedes has debuted their face-lifted E53 AMG Wagon and it’s a sight for sore eyes. Mercedes is great for being a front-runner in-car tech, the new E53 has what they refer to as “Pink Noise” crash sound sensing that will protect your ears from the dangerously high decibels of a car accident. Although this is actual consumer advice, I am still going to advise you to get the AMG; be a cool parent.

The new V60 Polestar wagon is out and has finally given us the option to get a plug-in hybrid. Since this is actual consumer advice, I’m not going to mention the 0-60 time, but trust me you will be impressed. Volvo has always done a great job on the looks of their vehicles, and this is just another example of that. If you are concerned about safety, you can never go wrong with a Volvo and, personally, I would pick one up before I got a Mercedes. The Polestar and the AMG are going to hit you in the pocketbook similarly, it’s about 80k for all that extra muscle vs 65k for the normal cars.

I personally don’t think Audi is pulling its weight in this category unless you are willing to invest in the race version of the RS6 Avant, and even so, it's still the least attractive of the three. If you’re in it for function rather than fashion, you will be happy with the extra trunk space it offers over the Benz or Volvo, but the wow factor just isn't there, especially when it's priced the same as the other two.

Actual Consumer Advice - The Wagon

Actual Consumer Advice - The Wagon

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