The Childhood Dream

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Lamborghini's outrageuos cars

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Lamborghini has always been great at making outrageous cars, cars that look they were designed to be on a bedroom wall poster. Not only has Lamborghini come out with other crazy-looking, 900HP monster, but they have also collaborated with Lego so your kid can have one as well.

Lamborghini can be a little hit and miss with their concepts and limited edition cars — they either hit home runs like the Sesto Elemento, or they make an absolute eyesore like the Egoista (I’m not going to include a photo, it's really bad). However, Lamborghini has killed it on this one. I love everything about it, the doors look like they came off the Centenario, the almost Veneno-like front end and its very own new rear end and stunning taillights. I even love the colour, that satin olive is something everyone with an orange Lamborghini should consider.

Your new Sian is going to cost you 3.6 million dollars, and be worth even more in a couple of years. The new Sian you buy for your kid will cost a slightly more affordable $400, and give you the priceless memory of building the new 3700 pieces Lego set together.

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The Childhood Dream

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