The Bavarian Track Monster

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The M8 is finally here, and it’s big


Emily MacKinnon

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The BMW M8

The M8 is finally here, and it’s big. First of all, it looks great — the aero package makes it look as fast as it is. BMW has stuffed a 617 HP twin-turbo V8 in this bad boy that launches it to 200KPH in 10.6 seconds. With the M version, you are pretty much getting a full overhaul over the original 8 series in regards to the transmission, adaptive suspension, and carbon-ceramic brakes to top it all off. The aesthetics of that carbon aero package are what really bring it home. What are the negatives of the M8 you ask? They are hidden. The big issue with having a twin-turbo V8 is that it sounds horrible. To solve this issue, BMW artificially simulates engine noise and an exhaust note through its interior speakers. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the most uncool thing a car company could possibly do. If I wanted to go fast and have no one hear me, I would buy a Tesla and pocket the extra 60k. Seriously though. Fake speaker exhaust noise? Disgusting.

The Bavarian Track Monster

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