Squadra Corse V12

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We have Lamborghini to thank for keeping the naturally aspirated V12 alive


Emily MacKinnon

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The SCV12

Lamborghini has debuted its SCV12 and we love everything about it. Not only do we get a turbo-free engine, but the SCV12 also comes with a sequential gearbox so you can bump it like you are Ken Block hill-climbing Pikes Peak.

This all-powerful V12 is Lamborghini’s biggest yet, throwing down 830HP(and spitting fire). The SCV12 will have 19 and 20-inch magnesium wheels wrapped in Pirelli racing slicks, so as you can imagine, we won’t be able to legally drive this on the street. Fortunately, you will be able to take this thing anywhere you would like and be taught to push it to its limits since the SCV12 comes with a membership to the world's most prestigious circuits and lessons from the five-time winner of Le Mans, Emanuele Pirro.

Squadra Corse V12

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