Intensa Emozione

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Apollo is back with a car that looks so crazy, you’d think they let hot wheels design it

Emily MacKinnon

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The Intensa Emozione

I want one like I want to breathe air. Not only does it look like something Bruce Wayne would drive, but its specs are pretty impressive as well. This car produces so much downforce that you could theoretically drive it upside down (the only problem is fuel needs gravity).

It's rare to find these days, but the Apollo has a naturally aspirated V12. The exhaust note sounds like an angry dragon without any of that pesky turbo spool. The 780hp this car puts out will have you ripping to 60mph in 2.7 seconds. Apollo is dedicated to having a true organic hypercar.

Unfortunately, Apollo has already sold out before the release of all 10 units, which means they are probably all in garages and never going to be seen. They were priced at 2.7 million, but you are going to have to pay a resale premium if you want one.

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Intensa Emozione

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