HeyAuto: a Vehicle Data Centre

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The accuracy and quality of vehicle information matters

Emily MacKinnon

, Executive Assistant in
HeyAuto Showcase
Image by HeyAuto


If there is one certainty while shopping for a car, it should be the accuracy and quality of the vehicle information provided. HeyAuto strives to provide consistently accurate descriptions of all vehicles listed.

HeyAuto lists cars from trusted, local dealers who post Canada’s top vehicles and deals. While these listings are always credible, innovative tech is further implemented to ensure information is complete and accurate, including:

  • VIN decoding to ensure all results are consistent
  • AI implementation to organize vehicle photos and descriptions
  • Machine learning to identify patterns within the information

As thousands of new vehicles are added to the platform, these measures make sure that what you see is what’s driven home. Quality is also key: all vehicle photos and key information is displayed on the vehicle card to help you make an informed decision at a glance.

Start trusting the car buying experience.

Simple. Trusted. Car Buying.

HeyAuto: a Vehicle Data Centre

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