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Acura is no stranger to making great looking cars

Emily MacKinnon

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From the MDX to the NSX

Acura is no stranger to making great-looking cars, the luxury feels with Honda reliability is a home run. From the MDX to the NSX, Acura has the whole lineup covered and they are about to stack more on top of it with the new TLX. The TLX Type S is going to be the fastest sedan Acura has ever built and judging by the trailer they released, it is going to be the best sounding as well.

The new TLX isn't just pretty and fast, it’s also revolutionizing safety, being Honda’s first car to be fitted with the new 3 chamber passenger airbag.

Starting at $40,000, I’m going to give this thing the crowning achievement of being best in class, maybe only competing with a Mercedes CLA AMG. This is going to have a much better grasp on value and will cost you a fraction to fix (and since it's all Honda, there won’t be anything you have to fix).

Acura TLX Interior


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