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It's a Hyundai

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Have you been browsing Maybachs lately and found yourself wondering, “How good is the warranty I’m getting?” Or what about how much the car will devalue when you drive it off the lot? Are the V12 and champagne fridge really necessary? Once you ask yourself those important questions, you may realize that you want to make the smart money move, but are still after a car worthy of being driven by a Chauffeur. You know who has the solution to all of your problems? HYUNDAI.

The Genesis G90 has that Jag style that screams “I’m not driving a Hyundai” all over it, and it’s all topped off by those stunning rims. Not only does the G90 look good on the outside, but the interior is equally as pretty — it’s made for the passenger as much as it is made for the driver. Just as you thought it couldn’t get any better, Hyundai keeps you covered for the lifetime of the car (100,000 miles or 10 years whatever comes first)! Now, by my calculations, you will have traded in your Maybach about three to five-time in those 10 years, spent countless hours worrying if someone is going to bump into it, and probably spent a big chunk of change getting Mercedes to service it. Taking all of that into account, you have just saved yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless headaches by switching to Hyundai.

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The Genesis G90 Exterior


You aren't going to get a full blog praising Hyundai without hearing the cons, and here’s the biggest of them all: it’s a Hyundai. You have to tell people you drive a Hyundai. Your keys say Hyundai. You go on a first date and pick them up in a Hyundai.

Actual Consumer Advice - Hyundai
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Actual Consumer Advice - Hyundai

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