The Virtual Race Track

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The Xbox Series X and PS5 are coming and we are ready to race.

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Xbox vs. Playstation

The Xbox Series X and PS5 are coming and we are ready to race. In the Playstation corner we have Gran Turismo 7 and in the Xbox corner we have Forza. Both of these games look amazing and on top of it we have Dirt 5 that will be available on both platforms.

Forza has some big advancements coming in regards to physics. They have completely reinvented tire pressure, tire heat, track temperature and air density to bring an even more realistic racer experience. Although this has not been confirmed, it has been hinted that we will be getting an even more open world experience. Forza mentioned that even though these new updates are exciting, they are almost irrelevant considering how completely new this game will be in comparison to the last.

If you are a simulation style lover, Gran Turismo is the way for you to go. The amount of customizability in the game is insane. The graphics from GT Sport couldn’t get much better, so it will be interesting to see.

The game we are most excited about, taking the racing a little less seriously, is DIRT 5. Dirt is all about the off road fun, it even looks like we are going to get a frozen lake track from them this time around. Dirt 5 will give us the ability to play 4 player split screen, which is something that Gran Turismo and Forza do not offer. Get ready for some heated competition!

The Virtual Race Track 0

The Virtual Race Track

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